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I have my 1st interview w/ a local hospital for tuition assistance in return for a work committment. (I start my program in May.) Since I am essentially interviewing for a job as well, any tips on what questions I should ask?

Additionally, any suggestions on interview apparel? I have worked in the financial industry for years, so conservative has always been the rule - navy/black business suit, skirt not pants, matching pumps, briefcase - BLAH! :rolleyes: I am hoping I can dress down a bit - ie, slacks/blouse/flat dress shoes - you know, church clothes! :D Pls let me know if you think this is acceptable!



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I would ask about the type of hospital. Types of assignments for new Grads. Types of preceptorships/orientation.

As for dress, I would still wear black or blue, you can wear slacks or skirt. I think you can lose the briefcase though. Interview apparel is interview apparel, just try to look professional.

Good luck.

I have a 100% hospital scholarship and it is such a blessing. I wouldn't be able to attend nursing school otherwise (we're tight enough with me only working part time and getting our bills paid).


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- Definitely leave the briefcase out. Use one of those portfolio thingies.

- I am not a nurse yet...but some ideas do come to mind...

- Ask about training, training, and more training. What about stuff like CPR, ACLS, etc.

- Ask about advancement.

- Ask about float policy for new students.

- Ask about grabbing additional shifts. What is the policy.

- Ask about on-call. What is the policy.

- Ask about performance reviews -- not sure if this is applicable to nursing environment -- but could not hurt to ask.


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your lucky to get an opportunity like that where i live there are no jobs for rn's at this time and i graduate in may and they are not anticipating any jobs after graduation. so of course there are no scholarships out there from the hospitals. so where is this nursing shortage??? anyone live in the minneapolis mn area who knows if there are going to be jobs around there? i live 2 hours away and would be willing to move down there. thanks


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Hi Brandie,

I'm not sure if you're willing to move out of State - but I live in NC and the local papers are always "flooded" with Nursing jobs. I thought that most States were hurting for Nurses - but I guess some have more Nurses than jobs. Anways, almost every RN position I see in our Newspapers are offering $5,000.00 sign on bonuses.

My husband works in a local NICU and said they have Nurses from as far away as Canada (came down for the jobs). Just thought I'd give you that info. Good luck with your search. SusanNC

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