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We have female nurses that patients don't feel comfortable with and I respect the patient who asks that we switch assignments IF I am able to do that via staff ratio. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is that the family tries to speak for the patient and I have found in labor and delivery, someone with a family member (or boyfriend, who is NOT technically part of the family), will acquiese to that person due to fear or maintenance of diplomacy. These are the types of situation that I will wonder about control issues or the relevancy of a future social service consult. Male or female, we can't please everyone.


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That is wild, I never really thought about it until I was in my Ob semester and the class ahead of me has two men. I was talking to one of the men and he told me that he had been asked to leave the room on some occasions and that many patients had requested a female nurse.

Here's my thing - most of the docs were men! So, what is the difference between a doctor man seeing your sun, moon and stars and a nurse man seeing your sun, moon and stars?! It makes no sense to me and I am a modest person - I chose a female OB but the practice has men and frankly right now (I'm 8 months pregnant) I don't care who checks it out as long as all is well with our baby!

I would say continue to do what you love. I do think it was probably "leading" for her to ask if they wanted you to leave but maybe they could tell by the patients face that something was wrong and she was trying to tune in to it - that could be - I don't know. But the student situation thing you handled well - you understood that it was about them thinking you were a student and you chose to leave rather than make the situation more uncomfortable.

Stick with L&D if you love it and perhaps mention to your preceptor that you are concerned with how patients will view you and ask for her input on what to do in those situations, maybe that will clue her in that you felt uncomfortable with her asking that question without you actually having to point it out.

Hope that helps - I really want to work in OBGYN when I graduate too!


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