1st assignment and DROWNING in paperwork!

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Well, my first travel assignment starts in a month, and I cannot believe all the paperwork I have to fill out! Feels like hundreds of forms, trying to find all sorts of information that I don't remember (my addresses for the last 7 years! like I remember all the places I moved in college!), have to get some titers done, TB skin test, statement from my doctor, notarized eligibility to work papers, picture for ID... It's so stressful; I'm starting to think I should have just moved to CA myself and found a regular job! Did everyone feel this way when starting a first assignment?!?




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:p Unfortunately, that is the only way to get started. BUT, once you get everything, done, make multiple copies and keep them on hand for later. Never send in an original if you can help it, but make copies in any case. Also, put your resume and a general work history on your computer for later. I made up a work history with every conceivable question anyone might have. I included the usual name of hospital, addy, phone, manager name if pertinent, salary, reason for leaving, etc. They I will either have it for reference or just send a copy with each application. It is easier to read for them than having to fill in all those stupid little squares on an application.

Keep all your health stuff together as well. Everyone will want copies of your titers, TB skin test, physical etc. It doesn't have to be on any special forms usually.

Made a file for each company you take an assignment with and keep copies of the EKG tests, drug test, OSHA info etc. It makes it easier when you have to repeat those tests every year!

Go ahead an make copies of certifications, licenses, SS #, drivers licence etc as well and just have them on hand. I put as many on one page as possible so it is easier to fax or mail if needed.

Most times a "physical" is not really necessary as long as you can get a doc friend to sign something, even a prescription form that says you are healthy enough to work as a nurse.

Also, keep copies of CEU's together because each state has different requirements to maintain your license, so it will be easier if you have it in one place.

Once you get the initial stuff out of the way, it is not so bad. JUST don't lose anything!

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You will have about 50 forms to fill out, but funny thing is that you would still have the same things to complete even if you take a full-time job anywhere. These are US government requirements, not the agencies.

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