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Srjc nursing lottery 2017


I applied to SRJC's nursing program for 2017. I recently got my lottery number for College of Marin, and is in the wait list for CCSF's nursing prog. Still hoping to get in the the jc's program for fall/spring 2017!

Hi there, I just applied this January for SRJC's 2017 Nursing program. I have not heard from them yet. However I did receive my letter from COM's, my lottery number is 87. Let me know if and when you get into the JC program. Crossing my fingers for both of us!

Am keeping my fingers crossed too, can't wait to find out. Have you done the teas? am studying for tem like crazy

I hope you get in, am hoping I get in too.

I took the teas exam on August 2nd of last year. I was told that would be accepted at SRJC. Worst case scenario I'll re-take the new teas. I passed on my first try. Checking my mail everyday to see if I got in, two of my friends got in last May and were notified on the 27th.

Am super nervous checking my email everyday too, make sure you check your junk email too. Good luck!!

I didn't even think about junk mail í ½í¸³

Good thing you said something!

Hey ! I also applied to SRJC's Nursing program for Fall/Spring 2017/2018. Crossing my fingers that I get that email this Friday or Monday!!! Good luck to everyone. I also applied to COM and am #69 on their list.... probably won't get in there as they are only somewhere slightly above 50 right now!

Good Luck!


Good luck to you too Ronni! I'm trying to remember to breathe and yes been checking my e-mail everyday too. Have you already taken the Teas? My friend last year applied to COMS and her lottery number was in the 80's, she was notified later that she was accepted into the program. So maybe there's hope í ½í¸Š

Yes, me too! I did take the TEAS; I took it last year in September and passed. I took it on my own so I would have it ready to go for school! That gives me a lot of hope that someone was in the 80's and got in! I sure hope so. I, at first, was under the impression that they picked numbers randomly, like an actual lottery at COM, but it appears that is not how they do it. I can't wait to hear back from SRJC as that school is my #1 choice, COM #2. I'll update you when I get an acceptance/rejection letter!

I'm hoping we will get the news tomorrow. So excited and nervous at the same time : )

I hate waiting Hopefully tomorrow is the day. It would e nice to know before the long weekend.

I applied for SRJC 2017 ADN too...still waiting...anyone hear yet?? Like all of you I was hoping today would be the day but so far nada...the waiting is torture!

I haven't heard anything yet sspjx4! I also was hoping to hear today, but look like we will have to wait until next week. :( I know my friend had her acceptance email sent on May 27 around 2:00pm last year.

Anxious, but also worried with the amount of applicants the JC has! I'll be incredibly lucky to get in!

I know - luck will really have to be on our side! Sigh...I guess next week it is. :(

Hi All! So happy to have found this thread. I'm still waiting as well. :) Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I haven't heard yet either and because Monday is a holiday we probably won't get an e-mail till Tuesday. It's so tough waiting this out. On pins and needles everyday waiting for that e-mail. I will keep you guys posted if I receive anything. Good luck everyone!!!

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Hi everyone! I am eagerly waiting to hear back as well! The wait is so hard. I'm hoping we find out this Tuesday so I can stop checking my email like a crazy person. I will think positive thoughts for all of you! Good luck!