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Anyone from Springfield or Branson? We are relocating there and I'm looking for a little information on the best places to work, school districts, etc. Any help would be appreciated.


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I live in NW Arkansas and haven't worked in Springfield or Branson but have been to hospitals there to visit and attend classes. Branson's hospital is Skaggs, and I know the 2 biggies in Springfield are Cox and St John's. Wish I could tell you more...hope everything goes smoothly with your move.


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I have only visited and it is very beautiful over there.

The lake near Branson (Table Rock lake?) is awesome.

And my favorite feature...they have fireflies!


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Hubby used to live in Branson for years. I've been there a few times and yes, it IS lovely ! As Rusty says, Tablerock lake is really pretty, as is the general area and scenery.

Lots to see and do there if you like country/western music (not my thing...) but it is major income for the area.

Can't tell you about their hospitals, etc., though.

When will you be moving out there? The best to you ! :)


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We camp each summer on Table Rock, it's nice...that's the best part of summer along with catching the lightning bugs and putting them in a jar...or like my boys smashing them and rubbing them on your skin to glow ;)


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I can tell you what little I know about Lester Cox and St. John's Hospitals.These are just tidbits in no particular order.

My daughter attended Southwest Baptist University School of Nursing which has it's students do clinicals at St. John's. St. John's is also a very large hospital with close to 1000 beds or more. My daughter doesn't live with us but she is coming over for Mother's Day. I will ask her what she knows about St. John's that would be helpful to you. I don't know if she knows anything about the Lester Cox hospitals. I believe there are two locations of Cox hospital. Cox is also considered the "public" hospital.

Springfield is a very nice town that has several restaurants, shopping opportunities are very abundant. It has the feel of a smaller town but is not small at all. It definitely has the atmosphere of a college town. It has a very large Baptist population and is the home of the Assembly of God ministries. In addition to the Southwest Baptist University School of Nursing of St. John's Hospital (quite a mouthful, huh?) it is also home to Southwest Missouri State University which is a very popular state university with a large selection of majors. It does not have a school of nursing but offers a bachelor's and possibly masters program. Southwest Baptist SoN is an associate of arts in applied science degree program and is fully accredited. Springfield is located in Greene County, Missouri.

My daughter decided that nursing was not for her and was not happy with that school so she left after one semester. Currently, she has a wonderful job as a polysomnographer at the Washington University School of Medicine Sleep Lab and is also a research assistant to the director. There were many things she liked about Springfield but as a matter of personal choice was very unhappy with the extremely strong religious overtones at Southwest Baptist's nursing school. Bible courses were part of the curriculum. St. John's Hospital used to be a Catholic hospital.

I don't know if you have been following the weather situation in the Mississippi Valley but Springfield is also located in what is referred to as part of "tornado alley." Weather fronts and storms that come out of east central Texas and Oklahoma -very much just following the line of Interstate 44 usually go right through the Springfield area before heading east to Illinois, TN, KY, IN etc.

So,it tends to be an area of somewhat severe weather during the particular season's form of what is referred to as "severe weather."They get a fairly large amount of snow. Springfield is located just a little over 3 hours from St. Louis.

If you are interested in fishing, especially trout fishing, there is a beautiful state park called Bennet Springs State Park that is known for it's fishing. Of course, Tablerock Lake is around the Branson area and is very beautiful. Southern/Southwest Missouri is a very scenic area and Branson is the home of Silver Dollar City along with a Whitewater. It's a whole lot of fun there for both kids and adults but has tended to become very commercial in recent years. I don't know anything about the hospital in Branson. I have heard that the traffic situation is somewhat bad but that can be expected in any tourist area. I wouldn't mind living there at all. It is a lovely area rich with the traditions of Ozark Hill country and crafting.

When my daughter gets to my house today I will show her this post and ask her if she can add anything to what I've posted that might be helpful to you.

Warm personal regards,

Pappy RN


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Hello again Konni,

My daughter has arrived and I asked her about Springfield and if she can think of anything else I should tell you but she only has a few ideas in addition to mine.

Correction: St. John's is an ELEVEN hundred bed hospital and is a regional medical center. It also has a burn unit.

Housing is evidently very affordable and she reports that the schools are rumored to be very good. Her opinion is that Springfield is a very safe place to reside.

I can't think of anything else to tell you and neither can she.

Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Warm personal regards,

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Thanks for all the replies.

We are planning to move this summer, as soon as we can sell our house in Louisiana. My husband grew up in northwest Arkansas and we met at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. We lived in Harrison, AR for a year after we got married, so I am familiar with the area. I've been researching school districts and housing is so much more affordable there than here. I am really looking forward to moving and paying a lower mortgage for a similar house. :)

I was hoping someone could tell me which hospital was the better to work at. My brother-in-law had a brain tumor removed at St. Johns several years ago and he was happy with the care he received there.

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