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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to drum up some ideas for a gift for my preceptor. She's a big NFL fan (go Pats!), and I'm thinking that I'd like to find something football-related as a present for her. My first thought was a scrub top, but then there's always that issue of either buying something too small that doesn't fit, or buying something too big that offends the person. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


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A coffee mug?

My husband once received a Vikings chamber pot looking thingie that came with 4 mug-type things. I've seen them around for other teams as well. We use our set for popcorn and as a mixing bowl.

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If you go with the Starbucks idea, you can always imprint the Starbucks gift card with the NFL team of your (her) choice.

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You could give her the scrub top with a gift receipt in case it doesn't fit :)

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Maybe try a gift card for a "sports bar" type place... Not sure what you have in your area... That way she can have a good meal and watch the game...


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NFL team pens, earrings, socks, stethescope cover, covered cup,---

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