Spoke with my instructor...


She confirmed that she didn't ask me a question at either conference because she knew I was more then prepared. I told her I was just paranoid and she smiled and said "you're good".

I then told her I had to talk to her about 1 more thing and it was hard to talk about. She was very open. I told her I didn't want to work with student X again. She asked why. I told her that I didn't feel comfortable working with him because of some of the things he did and the fact that I just don't feel like he's safe. She also told me if we dropped the lady that I wouldn't have gotten in trouble...whew. She actually was glad I talked to her. She told me flat out that I did the right thing.

So it went well. I told her I was advised by some that I shouldn't say anything and she got a puzzled look on her face and said "why". I told her briefly about being the "rat" and that it's not my place. She told me it was my place to talk to her. She felt it was my responsibility to talk to her.

I really think my instructors are different then what most deal with. My instructors are truly lovely ladies. They are fun, lively, friendly, caring, understanding, funny...they really are great. They really are people you can go and talk to. They laugh and joke with us. Class is fun with them. Clinicals are fun with them. We learn so much from them and the pressure of horrible personalities just isn't something we deal with. We talk about personal things with them and they are great about it. I really love my instructors and I'm thinking that this is not the norm...hence maybe why some don't feel comfortable talking with them about situations.

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I am glad to hear it worked out well for you. Sometimes, it pays to give peole (even nursing instructors) a chance. :-)


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We have some truly great instructors this semester...I hope they're indicative of how the instructors will be during the remaining sessions as they have been wonderful compared to how we felt during first semester.

I'm happy you found that you can go to your instructors when there are issues that need resolved!!


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That is great.

I'm in my last of six semesters and I must say that of all the instructors I've had only one has ever been what I would consider rude and inconsiderate. There was a tough one but she was not horrid and she knew what she was doing. But the one that was really bad was very rude to students in front of patients during clinicals.

So I think some are blessed with good instructors and that for the most part you can talk to them, especially when it comes to patient safety.

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