Spo2/Telemetry Monitor & Pager system


I know there are a variety of systems available for patients on telemetry monitoring that alerts an RN pager for alarms. Does anyone use this type of system with patients on SpO2 monitoring as well? Do you still utilize monitor techs? What do you like/dislike about the system? Thanks. :balloons:


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I'm a monitor tech. I can only imagine that this would be a nightmare of pages. Especially with Spo2. We have 2 different systems, Siemens and Philips. On both systems to O2 monitors are very unreliable. Pt O2 jump from 95 to 35. The pt rolls over, someone take a bp on the arm with the sensor, things like that. I have investigated levels in the 80's to discover the sensor in the bed and the pt in the bathroom.


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We had a spo2 monitor/pager system a few years ago. We were told it was the latest /greatest and would not have alot of false alarms.... Well the nurse assigned to the monitored pt (we only use em on gastric bypass pts) carried a beeper and so did the charge nurse as the "backup". Guess what ? now you had 2 Nurses pulled away from patients to investigate a low sat--that was perfectly fine when you got into the room. Nurses hated caring the beeper. I don't know what happened but eventually the beeper part went away. It was eerie though----they could down load the info--ie to say you never responded to the alarm.

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