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Specialty Decisions


I'm not a nurse yet but this has been bothering me for a while now. How do you decide what area of work you want to go into. I am so intereste in so many diffrent fields of nursing that I can't decide. First I wanted to work in OB/peds. Then I was told that every nurse should work 1 year of Med/Surg which does make sence. Then I would also like to work in ER or ICU for the more intense work. How do you decide?? Can I do more than one, can you work a couple days a week in one and a few in the other? I know all hospitals are probably diffrent but any general advice? I'm sure once I do my clinicals I will have more of an Idea of what I want to do but I really don't think that I want to be stuck to just one......Ugh! :confused:

mom2michael, MSN, RN, NP

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The beauty and appeal of nursing is the fact that it is so diverse and has so many different areas to choose from.

For now I would focus on school and clinicals. As you advance thru school you will probably get an idea of the things that are of interest to you and your clinicals are a time to scope out all the different areas.

There are oodles of threads on this topic in particular so if you want some more great advice, try a search.

Good luck!!!!

For now I would just focus on school and enjoy or not enjoy the different clinical experiences. :clown: In school you will be exposed to the different med surg areas, peds, ob, psych, ltc, surgery/recovery, cath lab, endoscopy, and ICU. I work for a large teaching facility that offers internship programs for new grads in ICU and acute care. For example, our acute care intership is a rotational program that rotates the new grad through different areas giving them so many weeks in that particular area. You can take a postition in any area when you have found something you like. If you decide it's not for you, usually after 6 months you can transfer to another area in the facility. This is something you can inquire about when the time comes to look for a position. There are so many options to choose from in the nursing field. Good luck!!!


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