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Hi Friends,

My friend and I are 3rd year Nursing Students at Sonoma State University in California. It is very apparent we must learn Spanish to serve the community here in California. I have 3 years of Spanish classroom courses, but little conversational experience. I know I will pick it up if I can just live with it for a month and be forced to speak it.

We are looking for a program next summer where we can be immersed in the Spanish language and volunteer at a medical clinic. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions?

We found Floating Doctors online, but I would really like to hear from people who have done this. Any tips, suggestions?



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Are you able to travel? Of course, if you can get to Mexico or somewhere for the summer, that would be ideal. Even SoCal, San Diego, San Ysidro, El Centro, would all be helpful. I know people in my class did summer preceptorships through Chico State, but I'm not sure if you'd be able to get somewhere with a large Latino population.

What about getting in touch with West County Clinics? Talk to WIC, too. Vista Clinic or Southwest Community Health Center (Santa Rosa) might be good- I remember during the psych rotation many patients from one site got care there, and the lower cost clinics tend to get a lot of the Spanish-only speakers. Maybe even the Sonoma County Jail would be good. Here's a link to community clinics, all of which have a high Spanish-speaking population: Community Clinics in Sonoma County

Speak with your advisor as well (we can't use names here, but I assume you know who I'm talking about). She has a TON of experience with free clinics and such, and might be able to give you some direction with this.

Yes, Spanish will be EXTREMELY helpful! :)

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This is something I would LOVE to be able to do! I have rudimentary conversational Spanish, but I would love to be fluent. Alas, taking a month away from work, husband and children is not feasible at this point in my life. Good luck to you and let us know how it goes if you do it!