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I just spoke to the gal over there and she informed me that the waitlist is up to 1 and 1/2 years over there for the LPN program. UGH!:down:


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oh, wow! such a LONG wait!!!


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i just spoke to the gal over there and she informed me that the waitlist is up to 1 and 1/2 years over there for the lpn program. ugh!:down:


i spoke with them last week and the advisor said the same thing. i inquired about the down payment on whether they would be holding on to that for the next year and half or not, i received no answer. i would love to attend this school, i like what their clinical rotation looks like.

did you possibly get an answer for the down payment?


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There is no longer a "deposit" per se. They have this sort of payment plan so the most you'd have to come up with is like $6-700 a month until your fin. aid comes in. It sounds complicated and she did explainit to me, I just cannot re-explain it! But, it's not the $2K like it was before. Are you on the waitlist? Im back to my plan to go to MSC...hopefully I can get in for the May class. If I can, then my plan to be on hold is out the window....I gotta get through some sort of nursing program so I can get out there and work!!! I gotta study for the NET now....any suggestions?


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Do you know what score you need to have on the NET for skill centers?


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glina, i believe it is a minimum of 50% for math, and 60% for reading. but i was also told that the highest NET scores are the ones selected first, so you definitely wanna try for more than the minimum!

sassie, i bought cliffsstudysolver "basic math and pre algebra" at borders for like 14 bucks. i basically had to reteach myself everything from division to percentages to fractions, and this book covered it all. i did really good on the math, i think a 92? which is good for me considering how awful i am at math! as far as the reading, i would just look around online for practice tests.


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did anyone by chance make the informational today. i missed it, so if you have any information to share on dates, wait time etc. i would truly appreciate it.

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