Southern Union Community College


Anyone here attended or know anyone who attended Southern Union Community College?


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I went to SUSCC in Opelika for my first year of college. I liked it there, although then I wasn't a nursing major.


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I went to SUSCC also, but didn't major in the nursing program while there. It was okay, but I went elsewhere to complete my education.


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I didn't go to SUSCC but I've worked with the student nurses from there while they were doing their clinicals. They're always very prepared and friendly to work with.


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I graduated from SUSCC in nursing in 2004.


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My experience is this: RNs that came from SUSCC five years ago are good, they are skilled and ready to work. The ones now are a little different. There are some that are fantastic, but then the majority I have found to be less-prepared. Some of the ones that have floated through our unit have been really lazy and have lacked the drive or commitment to do anything other than hold down a chair for a few hours until they go home.

The preparation that they get now doesnt seem as in-depth as their counterpart 4-yr school down the road.

i hope to attend there, anyone who did PLEASE tell me~ i have a million questions!


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I believe it's your calling too. I know of many friends that have attended SU it is a good school. They speak very highly of SU. Because it's your calling and the doors are open walk through them. :balloons:


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I am currently in the nursing program at SUSCC, what questions do you have? I took all of my "non-nursing" classes before getting accepted into the program. Now I am in my first semester of nursing classes, still trying to find my "study methods" for nursing classes. This semester is Nur 102-fundamentals, Nur 103-Assessment, and Nur 104-Pharm.


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The preparation that they get now doesnt seem as in-depth as their counterpart 4-yr school down the road.

Which one Auburn, i've heard that they get very little clinical time, I wonder if this is true. Or LaGrange College very good school, sort of snobby/clicky, but I have heard good things.


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I'm applying to the LPN-RN mobility program that begins in Jan. I hope to make it into the program. Which program are you applying to.:wink2:


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I go to Auburn in their accelerated program. We have a TON of clinical hours. My schedule alone this week was two 8 hour sessions of Med/Surg on the CVSU and then 8 hours of OB this Friday. I typically have 16 or more hours a week of clinicals. I know we have something like 550+ Clinical hours. Our Preceptorship is 240 hours alone. We have FAR more than many schools in the area. The number of hours are the same be you an accelerated or a Traditional. Accelerated just has it sped up by about 25%. The courses are harder at Auburn, I believe you are more prepared, and the last class (Accelerated) that we graduated Dec 06, we had a 100% passing rate on the NCLEX.

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