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South University FNP program

Hello! Any one to start South University FNP for Nov 17, 2016. Also any pointers for the program and first class "Roles of APRN". Thanks!!

Welcome! I've already started the program and have completed Roles and am at the end of my Theory course. Roles is a lot of reading, researching and teaching yourself. It helped to read the discussion and essay questions a few days ahead of time and think about them before tackling the assignment. I found that the questions/assignments were so much simpler than I was making them out to be. Best of luck in the program. I think If you put the effort in you will do fine.

Thank you for the advice. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Did you purchase the book or used the ebook? How is theory going for you.

I purchased/rented my books. I'm not a great eBook reader so I figured I'd was the best option for me. Your academic counselor can give you the ISBN numbers of the texts you will need ahead of time. You just have to ask. You can also opt out of eBooks which will save you a little money.

Theory is fine. It all seems like common sense stuff that is completely deconstructed. Easy A though as long as you complete your work according to the rubric. There is a group project in Theory, or at least there is if you have Dr. Allen. Stay on top of that one. It's challenging having group members spread across the country.

I am supposed to start this Thursday, too! Definitely don't know what to expect!

Buyer beware specializes in GENERAL.

(EDMC) Education Management Corporation owner of South University is not doing well financially. This fact has been well reported in the press and on the web.

Last November 2015 they paid a 95.5 million dollar fine to the Department of Justice as well as being forced to forgive 102 million dollars in loans to settle government claims of "false" recruiting of students.

In 2014 they delisted from the NASDAQ market. Today their OTC stock price is listed as 1cent.

Many of there school brands such as Brown Mackie (soon to be defunct), Argosy University, and The Art Institutes are in (teach out) and slowly collapsing under their own weight.

So as the other brands disappear so goes South University.

This is all very sad as many if not most of the students who have attended these schools have ended up highly indebted with school loans and no diploma. (collegescorecard.ed.gov) This site gives G/R rates and more or less tells the unbiased story.

For those in the miniscule minority that have graduated that's great; but still no consolation to the legions of former students who have been loaned up and left on the wayside wondering why no one gives a damn.

Check out the situation, there still may be time to make a much better educational decision before like ITT tech and Corinthian you too are tossed aside wondering why your trust was betrayed.

Me either. However class has officially started!! And week one is finally here. I'm wondering if we have the same Professor.

How is your program going now? I'm taking health policy right now and it's not really my cup of tea. I really wish we had more preparation for clinicals rather than roles/theory/health policy/research. I don't feel like AP Nursing I was enough.


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