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South University FNP Online in Georgia

Hi all, I wanted to know has anyone almost completed South's FNP program. I am currently in the FNP online program. I have completed 2 classes. I don't know if it is just me. But will this be enough to function in the real world. I was considering trying to transfer but I don't think at this point that would make any sense. The schools are so difficult to get in. Plus a lot of deadlines are already gone for schools in my community, in Georgia. And another issue is preceptors. From what I gather this is of a more serious problem in online schools than the brick and mortar school. A lot of places that I have already checked out refuses to take any students that are solely online. What do you guys think.

You are in a great program. The first quarter no one really fails. It's filled with history and Lots of General information that some call fluff. But it is design to have you thinking outside the Nursing Task, and start to think as a care provider. Quarter 2 Advance Pathophysiology and Advanced Nursing Research. Your Research class you will be doing dissertations at a doctorate level. And Pathophysiology will bring you to tears. Quarter 3 at the Richmond Campus they had 8 students for advance pharmacology with 6 not passing. In another words you will be challenged and you are in the right school. My wife is a South FNP student and a BSN-RN alumni to the Richmond campus. As far as your practicum did you join the AANP? Join it. Go to the state monthly meetings get yourself out their, you will have clinicals all filled.

Hi Ronchelednik, thanks for responding. Well, you bring up some valuable points. Did you go here to with your wife? I wish I had a better support system.


You need to find a good support system to get you through the program. I am currently residing in Georgia and starting a online FNP program in August. Don't be discouraged you will get through it. Find a good support system, keep out with your readings and assignments and find your preceptors early.

Thanks Lisalis, I am working on the preceptors now. I will keep going.