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South Florida Shuffle

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by HappyRN2019 HappyRN2019, RN (New Member) New Member

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Good evening,

I need some advice about the risks of working in small detox/php/IOP center in South Florida. There is so much fraud and abuse going on in my industry. If a nurse works for a company that is not doing business per state and local regulations will the nurses who work there get in trouble. I know I document everything I do and how I tell issues to. Is that enough. I haven’t seen any type of fraud issues with my current job. I am just curious as a lot of places down here seems to get shut down by the feds. Anyone have any thoughts about this issue. TIA

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First I would say you should contact your nurse board and ask these questions, then contact you Malpractice Insurance company and finally the local DEA, all of these suggestions are here to answer any concerns we may have as a caveat, the only entity that will keep your questions silent is your malpractice insurance company. they will answer any questions you may have.

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In my experience, there is a ton of rumors/urban legends/scuttlebut about how one can potentially get in trouble in various settings.

I doubt the BON, DEA, malpractice insurance company can help you, except to add more theoretical rhetoric.

For example, when I used to work in Corrections, for many years we were regularly threatened about what would happen if one of our patients ever committed suicide.

Turns out sunshine, once again, truly is the best disinfectant. It was all bull malarkey.

Several patients of mine committed suicide over the years, and here I sit, license fully intact. Never any real threat.

My suggestion may sound counterintuitive, but please google how nurses in your setting have gotten into trouble. Specifically, how anyone has gotten into significant legal trouble as a nurse in that clinical area

I think you will find it both highly enlightening, and very reassuring.

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