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  1. Just looking to see if I can get any feedback about TCL. I am considering applying, have my LPN already and would take the bridge program. I am also curious about the Compass and Teas testing and what to study for (if at all) - I have to take the compass because it has been way over 7 years since I have taken college math! I am not worried about passing the Teas but math is not my strong point and I really don't want to have to take another semester of classes just to get into another program. I have a 3.72 gpa so I'm hoping grades won't be an issue...

    I tried to contact them a while back and never got any responses so hopefully I can get something from the students? Is there much of a waitlist - especially for the LPN jumping into the program. Is it intense? Do you like it? What are the hours like?

    Thanks in advance for responses!!
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  3. by   ladside
    Have you taken A&P and Micro? I hear that the biologies and math/algebra make up the majority of the TEAS test. Also, do you have any college level credits? All college core courses are required to be completed before acceptance into the Bridge program. The reason that I was given was because of the fact that this program is so fast-paced and demanding that there is no time for anything other than the rigorous nursing courses that are crammed into the one-year Bridge program. One other thought...have you considered Excelsior College?
  4. by   bsn2b2013
    I am a second degree student so have already completed all college core credits. I have also taken my a&p, micro so I think I should hav most of that taken care of.

    I haven't checked into Excelisor much, I must admit that I am a bit nervous about those schools though that could just be due to the fact that I haven't thoroughly researched them.
  5. by   ladside
    I know several nurses who have graduated from Excelsior and actually spoke with one of them today who is waiting for state boards. Look into it; they have a physical college campus if that is preferable (for someone living in New York). One other point that is posted on my college (Gordon College), not saying that all colleges require this, but here if all that is needed is the 'nursing' courses and it provides X amount of credits, you cannot get a degree from here if X amount of credits is less than the amount of credits REQUIRED/OBTAINED FROM GORDON COLLEGE. For example, if the nursing courses give a total of 18 credits but you have to obtain 31 credits from this particular college, you might find yourself repeating some courses to make up the difference in credits that have to be obtained from the college that you want the degree from. AND the biologies in the State of Georgia cannot be longer than 5 years since completion of those courses (as of 2007). Whatever you do, do it fast before 'they' change/ammend something else. ***I'm no expert; these are the rules that were handed to me when I began again this past January**** Luckily for me, and many, many others here in Georgia, the battle between Georgia and Excelsior has been resolved and I can now finish up online. Good luck to you in S.C. I plan on nursing there and in all of the states that border Georgia when I'm done; especially Florida (love Daytona)!
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    I finally was able to reply to you! Something about I had not made enough posts? Hope I am not too late!

    I do know Ihad looked into the Excelsior program, a lot of money to do it and test, and it is totally self taught. If you are not one that can do that to good effect, I would not suggest it. And if you do start it and dont finish, that do not refund any of the like $2800 you pay to teach yourself the material- that doesn't include books or videos you buy to make yourself understand the material better.

    The TEAS test is harder than the standard NET test most schools use. We just started using it in the past year- year and a half. My class was actually the guinea pig to figure out what they wanted the set level to be at in able to evaluate students for entry in. I am enclosing a link to the handbook so you can check out the requirements :

    We have a 92% pass rate for the NCLEX-RN. Here is the link for the Health Sciences div.

    Ask anything you want to know!
  7. by   ladside
    Hey....I enrolled and took my first exam in August. I am scheduled to take my last exam on November 2nd...I am soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!! Then I will only have the 2 skills evaluations to do before heading to the NCLEX!!! Excelsior College was definitely the way to go for me! Good luck to you in your career as well!!!!!