SC State Univeristy Nursing Program

  1. I wanted to know more info about the nursing program @ SC state University and when you go to the site it just list the degrees programs that they have and doesn't go into detail about the nursing program itself. Is there another site or link I can access to read more about the program? Thanx!
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  3. by   MRB_2010
    For additional information about the program, contact ***** Do you currently attend SC state? What year are you?
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  4. by   lola2008
    hey i have been trying to get in contact with this school to find out when the nursing application deadline is. for some reason everytime i call admissions they don't know and they redirect me to
    ****** but she never answers or returns any of my messages or emails. if please, can someone just let me know when the deadline is!!!!!
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  6. by   rnstudentcharleston
    FYI - you may want to look at the NCLEX pass rates for each of the programs in SC...SC state only passed about 20% last year of those who took the test!!
  7. by   Genara2003
    so I guess this program isnt going to continue anymore according to some article I read, if anyone who attend sc state or knows about the program can you please confirm this so I can continue on applying to different schools
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    Any extra tutorials out there to learn Dimensional Math?
  9. by   MissRNBlue803
    I have seen SCSU in the news about thier nursing program wasn't going to let the seniors graduate because they didn't have the proper classes but they went back and decided to let them graduate anyways but they r always losing thier accredition...find another school