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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   mell260
    Is anyone familiar with the point system they use to rank your application packet? Is it like 10 points for essay, 40 for pre-req GPA, etc?

    Would love to know how they break that down before I apply!!
  2. by   Carebear28
    You can always email the admissions dept. As far as I was told, this is how they break it down (although, it may change):

    50% GPA (20% cummulative, 30% prereqs)
    35% Essay
    10% Recommendations
    5% Resume
  3. by   charlestonsailing
    I plan to call tomorrow to find out what my weak areas were. My undergrad GPA was a 3.0, My prereqs are a 3.5 and I scored a 34 on the ACT. I have a 4.0 on past masters work I have done. My wife who has a journalism degree reviewed my essay. I don't know. Maybe my references weren't the best. Wondering how many alternates there are.
  4. by   mell260
    Quote from Carebear28
    You can always email the admissions dept. As far as I was told, this is how they break it down (although, it may change):

    50% GPA (20% cummulative, 30% prereqs)
    35% Essay
    10% Recommendations
    5% Resume
    Yikes, that is a lot of emphasis on the essay!
    Do you know what exactly they calculate into the pre-req GPA? Because it says 60 credits, I'm assuming at least 30 (15 social science and 17 general electives) will come from most people's first bachelors degree? Do they just take the most recent transferable classes? Or am I misinterpreting that and all they look at is Micro, stats, A&P, and Growth & Dev?
  5. by   twinkletoez
    carebear. i would definitely like your help. i applied to the nursing program to the school i am attending, but i would rather go to MUSC. so, i think i am going to move to charleston anyway and reapply. could you email me please?
  6. by   charlestonsailing
    Spoke with the school today. The lady said it was too early to go over specifics or to write off the chance of getting in this year. I was told that there were over 200 applications. 60 selected and 30 alternates. She also didn't tell me where I was on that alternate list.
    Apparently there were around 20 selected from out of state who the lady said generally decline admission once they realize the out of state tuition. Basically was told to wait for another month.
  7. by   Sheepwithagun
    Those of you who are one the wait list, don't lose hope! One of my classmates got accepted like 2 weeks before classes started.

    (And congrats, CareBear! I'm doin' the happy dance for you!)
  8. by   leighley
    I got my letter two days ago, and I got in. Yay.

    For those still waiting, good luck!!
  9. by   charlestonsailing
    Wahoo. Got a call today. I guess someone didn't want to go and now I am in!!!


    The two sweetest words in the entire English language...



    Just kidding but just so damn excited! See you all at orientation!

    Woot Woot!!
  10. by   twinkletoez
    wow! lucky you!
    i am so bummed about not getting in, but i am definitely going to reapply for fall. the essay is killing me.
    GOOD LUCK in your first semester!!!
  11. by   Carebear28
    Congrats Leigh & charlestonsailing!

    Are you guys going to the Nov. 13th meeting? I am down in CT and I don't think I'll be able to attend, but I'm wondering if this is something I really need to go to!

    Sheepwithagun - did you go to that first orientation? How big of a deal is it if I can't go? Any advice?
  12. by   charlestonsailing

    I know exactly how bad you are feeling. Believe me I was so depressed. I wish you had been able to get in. Are you sure it is the essay that did it? I have no idea why I was an alternate and then selected. Personally I think them putting much stock in only 100 words is silly at best. 100 words isn't enough for a complete paragraph really. Anyways, I know I wasn't able to believe things were going to work out and the thought of waiting another 8 months to get started was personally very depressing to me (I left a high paying career to hit this.) I am sure it is equally as painful for you. I don't know a good answer to tell you other than in my expereince, generally things have a way of working out ok most of the time. I hope that is true for you and if there is anything I can do for you, just ask.

    As to the orientation, I am going but I live here so it is pretty easy for me. The lady I spoke with said that a lot of out of town people come so they can try and find roommates. The orientation itself is only two hours long. Seems like a long way for you to travel for two hours. If they have no objections I will record the audio for you and email it to you if you can't come. If they aren't ok with that, I will email you a synopsis of what was covered.
  13. by   charlestonsailing
    Twinkle one other idea if you are intent on coming to good old Chucktown,

    Trident Tech has an accelerated ADN program that begins in summer. They don't have a waiting list for it and you have to have a prior degree I think. Just another thought even though I know you want to go to MUSC.