MUSC ABSN Spring 2015

  1. Hi everyone!!!

    I wanted to go ahead and make a thread for MUSC's Spring 2015 hopefuls. I know it is a little bit early to start this thread, but I am just so excited. I am looking forward to everyone stats and encouragement for each other. Looking forward to the results!!!
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  3. by   mocapoca
    Hi [COLOR=#003366]X0Tapia,

    I am looking to apply to MUSC's accelerated BSN program this summer! I have been slaving away getting pre-reqs finished, ordering $70 worth of transcripts and asking for letters of recommendation. I'm SUPER excited for the application to open up. What are your stats?

    I currently work at MUSC. I've worked at Roper St. Francis as an EKG tech and I also was cross trained as a patient care tech. I have a BS in biology from Winthrop Univ, with a 3.3 cGPA. I've taken many courses as a transient student that were not factored into my GPA so my GPA is about a 3.5, maybe a 3.6. I have no idea what my pre-reg GPA is.

    I am hoping that this is enough to get my application looked at, although, you never know with these admissions committees.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and others!

  4. by   X0Tapia
    Wow your stats are pretty awesome and you have experience in the healthcare field!! My cumulative is only about a 3.12 and I am still waiting to hear back from the lady who unofficially evaluates your transcrips for my science and prerequisite GPA. I am in my last year of getting my bachelor's in biology at CSU and I am a medical assistant on top of that. I only have about 60 hours voulenteer work. To say in the least pretty worried!!
  5. by   mocapoca
    Hey, the way I see it, anything 3.0 and above is good to me. I thought I was going to be able to apply priority butttttt I don't think I will have the 3.8 pre-req GPA. I was kind of bummed but it is what it is. Just put forth your best effort and see where that will take you. And hey, at least you have volunteer hours! I've heard of some people who went in there blind with NO work / volunteer hours lol. Now THAT would be scary.

    But I wish you all the best. Can't wait to hear from others who are hoping to get in for Spring '15!
  6. by   X0Tapia
    Well its official I submitted my Application today! I only have to mail in my supporting materials! Good luck everyone!
  7. by   mocapoca
    I guess it's just you and me for now, X0Tapia. I am sitting here right now working on my 100 word essay
    Good luck!
  8. by   X0Tapia
    Well its official I submitted my Application today! I only have to mail in my supporting materials! Good luck everyone!
  9. by   mocapoca
    Sooo...everything has been submitted and received...I am checking the university admission's application progress thingy every day. My status says "being evaluated". So nervous and excited at the same time!! I've been looking at previous threads and I see that most people were notified mid October...seems like such a long time to wait...

    Is there not anyone else applying for Spring 2015??? I'm kind of shocked that there haven't been more replies!
  10. by   jessicnw
    Hello ladies!!! I will be applying for Spring 2015 as well. I have my Associate in Science. I have an overall GPA of 3.5, a science GPA of 3.1 and pre-req GPA of approx. 3.6 . I have volunteered with a local hospice center and have about 70 volunteer hours. I turned down acceptance to an ADN program just to apply for the BSN program at MUSC. I am praying and hoping that I will be accepted. I have not submitted my application yet but plan to do so by August 1st. If anyone has any suggestions on the essay or resume that would be greatly appreciated. I wish everyone the best and hopefully we will be classmates :-)
  11. by   dreamMUSC
    I will be applying for spring 15! I have a 3.57 GPA not sure about my science GPA but I've made A's in all my pre-reqs but science I'm one class short of my DEGREE BUT WILL BE FINISHED BEFORE spring I have over 70 Credit hours though. I have mostly everything done but ha gent submitted app yet. I don't think they can accept anyone except for priority applicants before sept 15 l. I've lived in Myrtle Beach most of my life . I don't have work or volunteer exp. but I do have shadowing and the lady said that my resume would get me the full 3 points. The essay I'm not worried about. My only fear is my science GPA I have to make an A in micro!! Good luck all. And at least fall admission is right around the corner so we can spruce it up and reapply while it's fresh in our minds!
  12. by   jessicnw
    I'm in MB also!!! Who did you submit your resume to for review? I have had my transcripts evaluated but would also like for someone to look at my resume.
  13. by   mocapoca
    Hey jessicnw! Well getting accepted to an ADN program should make you feel good! You kind of know what a nursing program is looking for. I turned in a CV instead of a resume, but I would suggest highlighting academics, work / volunteer experience and any special skills you have. As far as the essay... I just made sure my answer made sense, was in my own words, and answered the question they asked....all in less than 100 words. My answer was 95 words. I've seen in previous threads though that they really read into your essay, so make it count! I must admit though, it was really tough. I can write a 2+ page essay in no time but 100 words???
  14. by   mocapoca
    dreamMUSC, your GPA sounds awesome. I didn't make an A in micro though haha. The hardest part was the chapter on viruses...ugh!

    good luck in finishing up for your degree!