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hello, any other mtc students here? always could use some advice from a fellow student!:lol2:... Read More

  1. by   studentofmtc
    I can tell you that my experience with the merit program was ideal. I did have to retake all of my science classes (they have to be less than five years old). I do not have a bachelors degree, but had all A's and one B in the classes that count. (I was missing microbiology though). You have to be accepted into the program already before you can do merit. I got the merit and began the following semester, which was perfect because I wanted yo enter having all of my non-nursing classes done. My advice is to realize that there are no real promises on start dates until you have the official letter. We are military as well and my husband was transferred .. my children and i stayed behind so that i could finish school. Good luck
  2. by   katiewhitmire88
    I'm missing Micro and Nursing 163, which has to be taken at MTC and I'm still currently in Arizona so obviously I can't take that one yet. I have all A's in the rest of the classes that they are scoring, though. I have scoured the website and it doesn't say anything about being accepted in the nursing program before being admitted to the merit program... Are you sure about that? It just says you have to be admitted to MTC and have all your credits transferred. It's good to know that you got in and only had about 10 points more than me. Military life sure is frustrating when you're trying to finish school! Thank you for your help!

    Has anyone else been admitted to the merit program? Can you tell me your scores?
  3. by   klj0315
    midlands tech summer 2012 adn grad!!! whoooo hoooo!!!
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    Congrats klj0315!!!! Way to go!! Good luck on the NCLEX!!
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    Thanks guys! I am so tired yet so excited. Study hard. I have had my highest grades and my lowest grades this last semester. Do not slack on papers or assignments because they will boost your grade! Good luck to all of you! Send a message if you have specific questions.
  7. by   klj0315
    I hope everyone's semester is going well. Just know that you can do it!! I found out I passed the NCLEX yesterday, whoo hoo!
  8. by   Monik Sims
    Quote from klj0315
    I hope everyone's semester is going well. Just know that you can do it!! I found out I passed the NCLEX yesterday, whoo hoo!
    Congrats kllj0315! Did you do anything special to get such a quick NCLEX test date?
  9. by   klj0315
    @Monik Sims

    I registered with SC LLR about 7-8 weeks before graduation. I scanned the requested documents, passport photos, ss card etc. and submitted the files online. IF you send your info via mail it can take a while and you risk it being placed on a long pile of applicatoins. If you submit your info in person, if I remember correctly, they charge you for processing the info because they would prefer you submit it electronically. Anyway, after I submitted all requested information I went over to PearsonVue, registered and paid for my test, then I paid for my background check and got my fingers printed. This whole process took about 1.5-2 weeks. Afterwards I just kept checking my status at SC LLR to make sure they got all documents, registratoin, and background info... I called twice to make sure. Once that's done you have to graduate and just wait for your schools certificate of endorsement to be sent in. They sent them in about one week and I receive my authorization to test via email about 5 days after graduation. Once I received that I signed in to pearson vue and decided on the best test date for me and registered!

    Some people wait to do all their paperwork etc after graduation, but this delays when you can take your test. I did not want any delay because I wanted to be licensed and hurry up and have as strong of an application as possible because I am applying for jobs in Charleston,SC. The market is really competitive now!
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    Congratulations!!!! That is fabulous!!