How can I get a job at lex med or palmetto health???

  1. I've applied so many times. I'm currently in nursing school, so I'm applying to phlebotomists/financial services rep positions. Each time I apply I always get the same reply, "Thank you for your interest, however you were not chosen for this position at this time." I don't get it. I call the human resources department and they claim they're taking my number down and I never get a call back. Should I go up there? Who do I need to speak to in regards to this matter. I'm more than capable of doing clerical work and I can't even get that position!
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  3. by   Caffeine_IV
    You probably have to network.

    So get to know someone that works there so you can put them down as the person you heard about the job from...sometimes that helps.
  4. by   Sl1011
    Networking is definitely a good idea... I applied there for a few months and never really heard anything other than they were waiting for an opening. Lexington never got in touch with me.... A friend of mine who recently got a job at Palmetto Health told me to contact the nurse recruiter. I told her my situation, what I was wanting, and she got me an interview in 1 day, and I got the job a couple days later!!! Try calling a nurse recruiter. Palmetto Health gets SOOO many applications. You have to stand out!
  5. by   P_RN
    I worked at one of these for 22 years. When the hospital went from a county hospital to an alliance of 4 hospitals and I believe they may be trying for one more, hiring became very complicated. The networking idea is great. If you have someone on the inside that you can ask for tips on hiring you may have a better chance. I will also say hiring freezes have lasted much longer this time than in the past. Every time we get a new president it seems they wait to see what impact administration changes will have. When Clinton was elected we actually had whole floors closed and their doors chained shut. Try to wait this out. I sure hope it will get better soon.
  6. by   crownemarie
    Thanks! I will definitely work on my patience and networking