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  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wanting to know if there are any students who are attending Gvill Tech who are currently planning on attending the nursing program,taking pre reqs or who have just started taking their ASN or LPN classes. Think it would be nice for everyone to form a support group, exchange stories, aske questions, or form study groups, etc.

    I am currently taking a few pre reqs now and will be taking Bio 210 and 211 these next two semesters.

    If you are a student and would like to join a thread where we can share stories, give and recieve advice, or just connect with other students this is a great place to share all we know about classes and the program here at Greenville Tech.

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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  3. by   Scyankee
    Just a little info about myself, I am 32 years old and one of those few brave males who will be braving this profession. First semester of pre reqs.
  4. by   SoDetermined
    Hi I am 29yrs old and will be attending classes at the Brashier campus this Fall. Are you as excited as I am? I am starting out with PCT classes and BIO 210. I need the ability to work and go to school until I am able to start clinicals. This is all so new to me so any and all advice is more than welcome.
  5. by   Scyankee
    I am ready. I'm taking Bio 210 in fall also. Right now Im taking my CPT and Math 101. I decided to take 101 as a way to start applying early by completing my LPN requirements so that I can apply for the LPN program while I am finishing up the prereqs for the RN program. Figured I wont get in the first time around as its tough to get selected but this way I can start applying and if I'm not chosen I can continue on with the required prereqs for the RN.

    If you ever need a study partner for Bio let me know. Im taking the class on tue and thurs during the day. Should be taking a CNA class in December as it would help in the weighted scale.
  6. by   salenna
    I am just finishing Bio211 last test is Wednesday. I highly recommend getting Kathrine Haynie she was a wonderful prof! I got into the LPN program the first time that I applied with 31 pts and will be starting clinicals in November, Im excited and nervous at the same time. Ill be finishing my prereq's while waiting for my clinicals to start. Im a 32 yr old mother of 2 girls that waited 13 yrs to go back to school but have worked in the hospice field for many years, Ive been so blessed with this entire experience!
  7. by   SoDetermined
    Thanks and congrats to you!! Have you found that those applying to the LPN program are also getting in quicker than RN? I am trying to decide what direction to take as my life is demanding as well. I am 29yrs old and also a mother of 2 kids and going straight through to RN would be quite a stretch but possible none the less. However, I would like to know your experience and decision through all of this. Through everyone I've encountered, they would say the program is excellent and others would say it takes too long to get to where you are. So if you can find the time, I look forward to reading about your experience through it. Please keep me posted on how it goes for you. I am excited for you! 31pts got you in? Thats major encouragement for me! Thanks!

    Congrats again!
  8. by   salenna
    Thank you, yes 31 points got me in. I have several friends that are nurses and a couple are nurse managers and one owns her own research business and does the trial med studies. The Dr's have told them on more than one occasion that they would much rather hire a Greenville Tech grad than a USC or Clemson grad because GT students get so much more/ and better trainning. I will be going all the way through for RN but it was quicker to get in the program this way and I get to finish my RN prereq's while Im waiting for clinicals to start. It does take a long time but the extra trainning obviously is worth it!
  9. by   Scyankee
    I am taking Bio 210 this semester. Any tips. Anyone know anything about my professor Lalin, Gautier?
  10. by   duckett
    Hello, I am 36 years old mother of a beautiful daughter and I am attending Greenville Tech. Doing my Pre reqs for the nursing program as well. I am taking Bio 210 and Algebra 101. Next semester I am going to take Bio 211( and CPT 101. I am going to take the online CPT. I work full time and I see that I have not used parts of my brain in a very long time. I am as well looking into trying to go to the LPN program and then finish up still going towards my RN. While in the nursing program, I will still be able to work with a LPN. It seems like a long road, but I am in the medical business and I know that this is what I want todo and can not wait to finish. So any tips along the way is always appreciated. Have a great day.
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  11. by   Scyankee
    Tips, keep up with the grades. Looks like the points to get into the programs hit a record high this semester. 31 minimum for the LPN and 52 for the RN program is what i heard. That makes graded the number one priority.
  12. by   Mezabeth
    Last I had talked to Greenville tech which was this last summer, they said it was 47 pts minimum for the spring 09 and 45 min for the summer/fall 09.

    Was it 52 for the spring 10?

    I have heard so many great things about the greenville tech clinical program but have not heard anything about usc. I have been going back and forth between the two trying to decide where to go.
    Has anyone heard anything about usc upstate possitive or negative?
    Thanks so much!
  13. by   SCgirl1030
    Hi! I'm Anne. I've just read all your posts in here. I have posted a thread too but no one replied yet. Hopefully guys you will help me and give me some advice about what should I do to start the ADN program. I would be very thankful for it I'm planning to start school in fall semester taking ADN at Greenville Tech too just like you guys. I'm sure some or all of you is already an RN. Waiting and hoping for your helpful advice. Thank you so much and take care guys!
  14. by   Mezabeth
    Hi Anne! I am glad this website sent your response to my e-mail otherwise I would never have seen it! I got accepted in the GVT nursing clinical program and I am starting Fall, the end of september of this year. Up until now I have been working on pre reqs. Have you been accepted to the clinical part of the program or are you just starting in on your pre reqs? I would love to chat with you so I hope to hear from you! GL with everything!!