1. Hey all! I posted a while back about considering relocating to SC after graduation (326 days!!). Well, my husband is on the fence about the subject so we've decided to take Labor Day Weekend as a field trip to come visit the area. I am leaning towards Spartanburg/Greenville area so if anyone can pass along some points of interest I would appreciate it. He is a carpenter by trade and is interested in hunting/fishing. We will have our kids (11, 9 and 7 mohs) so anything of interest for them would be great, too. For whatever reason my heart is set on this, now I just have to convince him. I figure I would hopefully let the atmosphere and the people help me with that. I sure hope, anyway.

    Thanks to any and all - looking forward to seeing your great cities soon,

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  3. by   Skyetropics
    Greenville/Spartanburg is an awesome little area -- growing like wildfire but hunting and fishing for your husband definitely still exist in great abundance - lol. Many job opportunities and good school. i recommend Greenville, but Spartanburg does have a prestigious Magnet Hospital.......
  4. by   Stdy2BaNurse
    I was beginning to think it was a "sign" (lol) because I had not received any responses

    Truly looking forward to visiting at the end of next month. Thank you - again - for the info.

  5. by   Devil_Duckie
    Hi Traci! I moved to the upstate about a year ago from Western NC and I'm loving it! Spartanburg is growing by leaps and bounds and Greenville is getting better and better! As far as jobs go, Greenville has lots of great places to choose from, but Spartanburg Regional is absolutely fantastic. I'll be working there once I pass my NCLEX and already having gone through pre-employment physicals and stuff, the staff there (employee health and my nurse manager) have been so wonderful! Far and away much better than my last job at a tiny community hospital where everything was swept under the rug!

    ....Anyway, the upstate welcomes you and your family! It's a growing place and lots of fun for all ages (there I go sounding like a tourism commercial!) Oh, and if you like sushi, you can't miss Miyako in downtown Spartanburg! Amazing!!:spin:
  6. by   Born2BAnurse
    HI EVERYONE, RIGHT NOW IM IN PHILLY! and In the Next Two Years Looking to make a move to Greenville All my Family is there, But Most Living in Mauldin. Can anyone tell me what the market is like for House and are the schools any good in Mauldin
  7. by   mer_RN
    I don't live in greenville or spartanburg, but i went to nursing school at Clemson, which is about 30 minutes from g-ville (before moving here you must choose Clemson or USC, there is no neutral here! :-) ) after graduating and moving back to virginia from south carolina i don't think a week has gone by that my husband and i didn't want to move back to south carolina. after 4 years we ended up in charleston which is on the other side of the state from greenville and we LOVE it!
    i definitely reccomend SC and greenville is a really nice town, everything seems very safe and clean, not very run down and very affordable housing.
    good luck!
  8. by   FurmanGirl
    I am an upstate native and I LOVE Greenville. You should definitely venture downtown. They have tons of activities, especially during the summer. Of all the places there, you should go to the Reedy River Falls Park. Here's a website that mainly caters to downtown. You can look up free events (and others), activities for children, restaurants, etc. The restaurant list doesn't live half of the ones in Greenville, but it's a good place to start. I'm still a student, so I don't know much about the jobs in Greenville because my school is in Greenwood. Greenville Hospital System is always making headlines. I believe they're seaking magnet status at the moment and their pay is outstanding, but no bonuses. They have partnered with area schools and medical universities to make the hospital a "university medical center" and they're adding all kinds of programs for students. You can look into this at under News-Health Sciences SC. The starting pay for jobs is also listed on their website. If you have any questions, let me know. Good luck!
  9. by   caymen
    I moved from NYS to Mauldins, SC 6 years ago before I was a nurse or even thought about being a nurse. Oh my gosh what a great move it was. My kids are sooo happy in the Mauldin school district. It is such a great and safe, growing place to be. The people here are wonderful, housing in booming, jobs are booming even more. I work for GHS (Greenville Hospital System) and am very happy there but there are soo many options for us around here. The weather is phenomenal!
    My children have since gone from elementary to high school in the Mauldin district so if you have any questions I would be happy to help. I am also pretty familiar with the area if you want to talk, anytime!
  10. by   caymen husband too doesn't like change. It was all my idea to move due to economics where we lived. We did not know a sole here, just chose to come. AND IT WAS THE BEST THING WE EVER COULD HAVE DONE, for our lives, our kids, our relationship.......turned out to be a good thing for all of us. I would love to help you
  11. by   SteveNNP
    I worked at Spartanburg Regional for over 2 years and loved it. The pay was good for SC, they had relocation bonuses and incentives, and truly treated their nurses well. It's a Magnet hospital, and VERY nurse-driven. I worked in the NICU, PICU and 3W Peds floor and liked them all. I LIVED in Greenville though, which was nice to be closer to the great stores, restaurants and shows. Gville has a great downtown main street area, with lots to do for kids and families. My commute to Spartanburg was about 25 minutes, which gave me time to unwind.... I now live in NJ, but really hope to head back to SC once I'm done with grad school...
  12. by   WaynesvilleRN
    Hey I run all the time and have run several races in Greenville...What a nice place..I would choose Greenville just on its running history alone!!!!!
  13. by   29615nurse
    i moved to greenville from chicago about 20 years ago and am glad i did so. i prefer greenville over spartanburg. the great thing about living in greenville when you have children is that if you go 3 hours in either direction, you are at the beach or the mountains. it is truly a great place to live. i worked at greenville memorial for about 13 years and have been with st. francis for over 6 years now. i'm glad i made the change. there are many big differences between the two. good luck in your decision!
  14. by   pawashrn
    Although, The green/spart area has been praised in some of the other postings. May I bring in a little reality check. The education in S.C. ranks low in national ratings, homes are made of vinyl siding with little to no character, the roads are poorly signed for getting around and I see very little broad thinking, most everyone is pretty much lateral. They don't seem to move outside the box. Alot of alcohol and drug consumption. But any area can be the way I described here. It is what you put in to it. Be a part of your childs education, guide your child and yourself away from drugs and alcohol. Your husband is a carpenter, so therefore you have a built in handy man who can gingerbread your home into stunning showcase.