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  1. Hi all! Any help is worth so much to me right now. Making a BIG life altering decision for my family and need some help. I am a RN and am considering a position at Georgetown Hospital. Need help with the following: best place to live (e.g. myrtle beach, etc.), anyone know anything about this hospital? and MOST important--is the "grand strand" happy place for a 10 and 7 year old boy to be raised? My husband and I live a great life right now and I don't want to upset it all. We are just in need of change because we live in a very rural area. The closest mall to us is 45 miles away. Very small town, not much to do with my babies. I realize that area of the country has a problem with crime, but I grew up most of my life outside of D.C. and know a lot about dealing with living in a high crime area. Thank you all for anything. I have been researching day and night (when not working and on my breaks when working) and I have absoultely crammed my head full of so much information--but to hear from some of you who have lived it would offer me such peace about any choice I make. Thank you all!!
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  3. by   SCRN1
    I love going to Myrtle Beach, but I don't think I'd want to live there year 'round. That is because of traffic. I don't like traffic. But that's just me. I don't know anything about your finances, but the real estate is VERY expensive on and close to the beach. I'm kinda short on time right now, but if there's anything else I can tell you, let me know. We live in Columbia, SC but go to the beaches all along the coast several times a year at least.

    I came back to ask if you'd like to live in Georgetown. It's still close enough to go to the beach often.
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  4. by   P_RN
    We're going to Charleston tomorrow. I'll see if we can take a detour home and go by way of Georgetown and take a look. Many many many years ago the former hospital had a bad reputation, but that's all changed. I believe I'd look around and rent rather than buy at first. If you like it fine, if not you aren't boxed in. Good luck and they have some great fish places there.
  5. by   britgirl
    hi all
    this is a fantastic site for trying to find somewhere affordable with a nice climate as i love gardening,preferably walk around local shops,but malls not too far away (as lots of choice).lots to do,bars,live music within travel distance.not snobby,friendly hospital to work husband drives trucks so georgetown or charleston might work.any input would be welcome.all states districts not an issue.
  6. by   lmc512
    the myrtle beach area is great for vacation but everything seems very geared towards tourists. i would reccomend looking into the charleston area. i think there would be a lot more for your kids and you to do. myrtle is a big retirement area too, and I am guessing pretty much the only industry there is the tourist industry. i went to college with people from myrtle and they said it is much different living there than vacationing there...none of them went back to myrtle after college.