Columbia - High Crime Rate??

  1. Hello everyone,

    My husband and I are thinking about relocating to the Columbia area in the future. This part of South Carolina seems to have a lot to offer but it also appears to have a high violent crime rate and property crime rate. Is this information accurate? Also, any suggestions for other areas of the state? We have children and would be interested in good school systems and the suburbs appeal to us the most. Of course a great hospital nearby would be ideal!

    Thanks for any info!
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  3. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    It appears that it's been a while since you've posted...maybe I'm a little late, but I'd like to offer my .02. I've lived in West Columbia, which is (as you may guess) a city just west of Columbia, for all 27 of my years. We
    do have our problems, but from what I've seen on news and in personal experience, the large majority of the higher crime rates originate in the Northeast side of Columbia.

    We may be a little on the "country" side in West Columbia, but not so much that you wonder if family trees really do branch :chuckle. The people I come across are generally considerate and polite - in fact, the trouble that most (certainly not all) can offer is chatting too long at the gas pump while you're attempting a "splash-and-go" before your 8:00 class.

    If it tells you anything.....when my new husband and I returned from our weeklong honeymoon in May, we discovered that our back door had not been locked, as well as a couple of windows left open in our hurry to honeymoon. Absolutely nothing was touched!!!

    Living in West Columbia puts you close to Lexington Medical Center...I don't know much other than personal experiences (I delivered my 2 girls there by section), but I don't believe any of the staff (docs, too...can you believe it?) could have provided any possible better care than they did.

    Good luck in whatever you choose (or have already chosen)!!!
  4. by   P_RN
    I too would look to the West Columbia, Cauce area or even Lexington-though it's growing like a weed out of control. There are some really nice subdivisions in all 3 places. It's about 15 mi from Columbia and the Lake is quite nearby.

    My son lived in Irmo which is also a nice area but only a few blocks off I-26 and the Harbison area which are usually like a parking lot 24/7.

    Lexington would be my #1 choice. And work at Lex Med Center.
  5. by   LuvMyGamecocks you live in the Lexington area?

    I agree with you, though. No one could pay me enough to live in or around Irmo or the Harbison area. Too many, like, high school girls and the moms that, like, spoil them, ya know? shopping at the mall and....OMG! Drives me bonkers sometimes.

    I wonder if OP ever made it here.....
  6. by   P_RN
    Hi, no I'm not even in the Columbia area. I just worked there for 22+ years, but not at Lexington. At the BIG place across town. Nuff said.