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  1. Hello All! I am currently an LPN since 2008 and unemployed due to lay offs. I finally decided to go through The College Network and using Excelsior for Exams only. The wait list would have taken me 4 years and double the money if I used the technical colleges close to me. I know people say it's the easy way out, but it's very detailed and I find the learning experience online better for me as I'm 49. If you are going this route, I would like to hear from some other LPN's using this program or Paramedic's. I was a Paramedic for 15 years before I went to nursing school. Would like to hear other's experiences using this route. If you are using The College Network/Excelsior by exam, what are you doing as far as experience since the clinical is only for one weekend. I'm trying to find a job in a hospital to gain experience but LPN's are just not used in hospitals in this state and are being phased out, even in doctor's offices. Doctor's offices are not my thing, I would rather work in Long Term Care and can't work a 1st shift position and keep up with school or it would take me forever to finish. I'm looking for a weekend shift or a 3 12 hour shift position. I am willing to travel but am limited and would have to find a position closer to my parents to have a bunk for 3 days. Don't want to do travel nursing, want to find a weekend shift and stay with my parents and work on school during the week at my own home which is 2 hours away. The LPN positions are just not in my area. Anyone using this route, please tell me your experiences or have completed the RN program using this school. Was it hard to find a job after using this type of school without clinicals? Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.
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    I did EC's program -- it was wonderful! However, the College Network is NOT necessary. You can buy used modules on eBay for a fraction of the price. The College Network is not affiliated with EC, and you will spend THOUSANDS extra. I encourage you to read the threads about the College Network in the Distance Learning forum.

    EC is definitely not the "easy way out." The program requires smart and self-motivated students. Good luck!
  4. by   moomoo111
    I've been in the program for several months and spent over 3 months on the phone with both companies. Each person needs are different. It is working for me and feel it was the right choice for me. I love it and I'm better at online since I'm 49 and younger people in college are exposed to so much new technology that I did not have. The instructors allow them to use their blackberry's, laptops, cell phones, texting, whatever and it's annoying for people with ADHD. I love the online learning, it works better for me.
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    NO! It's not the easy way out by all means. I do just as much as I did in my LPN classes, it's just in the privacy of my own home and I do just as much research and studying, but I am better at online. Depends on each person's situation. The main thing, it's quiet, and it's at your own pace. Works great for me! I just got a wireless printer and use my laptop and can take it where I go. The College Network provides more than enough information without having to purchase extra books. Trust me, I did months of research and several LPN's I know have used it and reached their goals. The internet is just full of a lot of negative sites. That's all I'm going to say on it. I get funny faces and shocked faces when I tell others, but I'm the one with the confidence and faith and I'm going in the right direction. It's not for some, but it works for me. I wanted to hear success stories when I posted and other's experiences, but some used it before changes were made. I'm assuming they are just like any other business, using feedback from customers to better their business. There are other success stories found in other places other than their sites. I just never checked here. Nothing is free and nothing is accomplished without hard work and believe me, it's hard work, but I enjoy it. I love setting goals and achieving those goals. This is just one more for me that I will achieve!
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    I'm also a big fan of online learning! I did an online RN-BSN program (not through EC, but through Chamberlain), and I loved it. Back at EC now for the MSN. Distance education rocks. I was a paramedic going in to EC's program. With your experience as both a paramedic and LPN, I'm sure you'll do well.

    And as an EC grad, I'm obviously not disputing your choice of program ... but the College Network does add a lot to the bottom line. A lot of frequent posters in the distance forum have voiced regret at paying all that extra money, especially after finding out that they could buy the study modules used at a fraction of the price.

    Have you taken your first exam yet?
  7. by   XODIANE
    Hi moomoo111,
    Im a LVN in California, and was contacted by the College Network, so their representive will be by this week to talk about the program with me. The representive will discuss LVN to BSN.
    My question is this program affiliated with Excelsior?, because I know that The California Board doesnt except Excelsior.
  8. by   Medic2RN
    Quote from XODIANE
    Hi moomoo111,
    Im a LVN in California, and was contacted by the College Network, so their representive will be by this week to talk about the program with me. The representive will discuss LVN to BSN.
    My question is this program affiliated with Excelsior?, because I know that The California Board doesnt except Excelsior.
    The College Network is not affiliated with Excelsior College. It is a publishing company that makes guidelines/ study material that are consistent with the Excelsior College program. You need to check with your BON, if it doesn't accept Excelsior College (and you said it doesn't), I would not sign any contracts until you know more information.
  9. by   ca_lpn
    Hi All,

    Do not ever sign contract with College network before it is too late. I am in California and I am ready to hire a lawyer to sue college network Scam.
    You will mislead you and make all the possible promises. Your credits are not transferable and all you get is just a like an e-book, do your own self-study and the exam and the study materials are unrelated to the exam. Why I said scam? because I never heard that you have to pay any service or product you never use, and this is what college network does. They will make you buy all the courses by signing that contract and you cannot cancel the contract nor any courses and get your refund. If you think it is just like an e-book which you can buy from anywhere for very cheap price around less than $30 but you need to pay thousands of dollars, other than money concern about the price you paid. You absolutely get no help from college network, what will you get by paying almost $10,000, you just get an access to the course materials and that is. I would suggest read all the feedbacks before you move on.
    I had the same dream like you to proceed to get my bachelor degree and that is why I am facing a college network scam. I would not like you to be smart enough and not to be another victim like me.
  10. by   maggie1990
    Hi Everyone,
    Just wondering how TCN's modules worked for you moomoo111. And also, does anyone know which BON states won't accept Excelsior? I just signed up with TCN but a lot of the reviews says to cancel. I don't know what to do :/
  11. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Straight from Excelsior College: The state boards of nursing that will either NOT accept EC graduates for license or have additional requirements before permitting a candidate to sit for the NCLEX-RN: State Board Requirements -

    From Excelsior College regarding using various "test prep" companies to prepare for EC exams: About Test Preparation Services -
  12. by   cdannels1982
    Hi Maggie1990. Did you sign with College Network? I too, have just signed and wondering if I made a mistake. After reading all the reviews I really don't know what to do.