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Just want to know what your opinon of the current standards of overseas nurses are......especially those nurses from South Africa.

How do they compare to the OZ & N.Z. nurses and how do they find nursing there?

Does anyone know if they are better trained in those countries & if they have bigger scopes of practice on their counties?

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I have worked with a couple of South African nurses and apart from the trouble with the accent they have no problems. But then a lot of people have trouble with our accent :D Worked with Afrikaans as well as South Africans. We seem to have many cultural mores in common in that we are reasonably comfortable with each others outlook on life. I am typing that thinking of a friend who kept saying to me "You Aussies are strange eh!" :roll

I think we are both direct sort of people.

I found the work to be excellent although the stories from home sounded more like war stories. I have worked with more than a few South African doctors as well and found them to be excellent although one or two are a little ummm - arrogant - but THAT characteristic is a world wide phenomena.

All in all the training seems to translate well.

If you want a look at the training requirements here the "sticky" thread at the top of the forum has links to the Australian registration boards. Ours is "competency based" so outlines what skills are expected rather than the knowledge requirements.

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