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Soup anyone?


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So I guess I need to start a new topic area for preserving and I may do that later. I woke up to a chill in the air and imemdiately thought soup! Now most people don't think of soup at 8:00 but I did. I got dressed checked what was left of my root crops in the pantry and made of list of what I needed. Them off for a little me time and a pedicure. My nail salon just reopened and I love to keep my favorite people working, Them off to the store. I was excited to see oxtails and beef cheeks so I got those and a whole chicken. Came home an threw the oxtails and beef cheeks in the small pressure cooker with an onion, celery and carrots. Then roasted and broke down the chicken. I took the carcass and threw it in another pot with more veggies to cook down for a stock. 

Once the meat was done I strained it out added more vegetables and roasted farro (an ancient grain related to wheat) to teh stock and pot it on the back of the stove for dinner tonight. That with a hunk of crusty bread with set me and the guys up just fine. 

I well freeze some of the chicken stock for Winter meals to come. I am not Jewish but my son is converting and I have learned to make a decent of not quite Kosher Matzo Ball soup. Some will go into tomorrow's batch of dog food for the Princes. 

Busy day but productive. What do you do with your days off?




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My sister does canning. She just picked up some last-of-season tomatoes to set up some jars. And she uses them all upcoming season. She enjoys the process.

I like when she makes various jams & preserves things. She experiments with various seasonings and I've taken up trying different ones. I only manage a little cooking but right now anise seed is a fav for me when I stew fruit in the crock pot.