Sore throat, suggestions?


Soooo. Yesterday I started to have a sore throat. I looked in the back of my throat and on my left tonsils I had a little bit of whiteness. Later that night, the whiteness was no longer there and instead there were two red spots that almost resembled scabs? It hurts on the left side of my throat, but I have no other symptoms. No cough, runny nose, fever, malaise...nothing. I can still eat, it only hurts a little when I eat.

I do have chronic post nasal drip and pretty bad allergies. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and his family temporarily because I relocated to their area and they live around 20 acres of pine trees.

I'm wondering if this could be flared allergies (I don't have prescription allergy medicine due to lack of benefits currently...they haven't kicked in from my new job), or should I go to the doctor? I'm trying to avoid that since I don't yet have benefits.

Help? :/


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We cannot give you the medical advice you require per TOS. You will need to speak to your HealthCare Provider.

Hoping you get better soon.

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