Soon-to-be grad - considering ICU and ED - what to tell recruiters?


I went into nursing school believing I wanted to work in the ED. I still do, as it blends well with my background (EMS). I do love the environment of the ED.

But I have also discovered that I really love the ICU environment as well. I could see myself being very happy for many years as an ICU nurse.

Bottom line: I would love to work in either ICU or ED. In a perfect world, I'd love to do both. Some people say those are mutually exclusive - that they are too different to do both. These same people have arched an eyebrow at me when I have expressed interest in both.

I'm in my senior year now, so interviews and jobs are starting to be in my mind, and everyone keeps asking where I want to work. Will I seem uninformed or silly if I tell recruiters, nurses, or nurse managers that I'd love a position in the ICU or ED? Can I ask for both?

P.S. I've seen ER v. ICU debate threads before. That is not my intent with this thread.

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You can do both. Many ex ICU nurses in ED and vice versa. Both give you critical care experience. I think some floor nursing experience is good for any ED nurse. Fills in the "holes."

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I told the recruiter flat out I need ER or ICU. I was signing a contract within a week.

The only foolish thing here is the people living in their own reality that think this is uncommon.