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Having been in nursing for a long time, I have had many nurses share experiences with me, relating to death. One dear friend stated that she was sitting at her desk, doing charting and she saw two men, dressed in white suits, enter a residents room. Since it was past the normal visiting hours it concerned her so she got up and went directly to this persons room. When she entered, there was no one there and the resident had passed away. She swears there was no way they could have left without her seeing them, so we have come to the conclusion, that angels came to this woman. Other nursing staff have witnessed seeing people go into rooms, but when they go in behind them, the room is empty. I have never had such an experience but am open to the idea that angels to come to make people home. What do you think? Have you ever had such an experience?

my first job out of nursing school was in ltc. i worked at this facility for 5 years.i used to have the same dream about my patients .I was at the nurses station charting i would look up my wing i was in charge of and my patient would be walking down the hall.they would come in and sit down, carry on a conversation just like any other people would.they would look healthy, have their minds, not be in pain and have a certain peace that i could feel.within a few days a week at most theh patient would pass away. now some of the patients were going through an acute phase at the time.but the scariest or maybe wierdest dreams were of the ones that were really making progress and getting better from what brought them to us in the first place. i told a few of my nurses that worked with me what i just told here now.once i dreamed about one of them we kinda took an extra close look at everything that was going on with them.i dont have the dream not sure why..hope that didnt sound too"weird"/it really was odd...

A couple years back, I worked a series of agency shifts on a hospital based rehab unit. Private hospital, well staffed, newly remodled.. But the unit used to be the old chronic medical floor where many people had slow painful deaths.

The alarmed door to the back stairs would close- no alarm, no footsteps. The call bells would go off, room 1 a bed then b bed and so on down the hall... But only in non-occupied beds.

Once when on a travel assignment on a neuro unit, I was scurrying down a hall- I had rooms 32 and 36- no one was in 34. As I scooted past 34, I saw a man, I can STILL see him- and his reflection in the window behind him- out of the corner of my eye. I stopped, took a step back (hey, it was neuro- people ended up in weird places!) and there was no one there. A couple hours later, I saw him again. And so did a coworker.

Freaky stuff. When I was a new grad, the awesome LPN that oriented me always cracked a window open when someone passed. Now windows are sealed. Wonder if there is a connection...

The hospital in my town was very old. It was closed a couple of years ago. The man who founded the hospital died many years ago. The nurses in the hospital, that worked with him when he was alive, say that he always did his rounds late at night. After he died and up until the hospital was closed, the night nurses could still hear his footsteps in the hallways and that doors to empty rooms would close and open and the TVs would turn on. They said that they would have to go around at night and turn off the TVs.

I work in a nursing home now and about 6 months ago one of the rt's died. Her room mate was totally blind. Right before this lady died the woman in the other bed yelled out for someone to leave the room. She said that she saw a man in black come in the room. Right after that is when her room mate died.

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