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I'm a new graduate nurse in Waukesha, wi and have recently secured a job that's less than full-time. I want to fill in the remaining hours with some agency work. Now for the questions.

First question. Are there agencies which only deal with psychiatric nursing? If not, do certain agencies allow nurses to request only psych assignments?

Also, does anyone know which agencies are the best in southeast Wisconsin? Are there any that I should stay away from? I really appreciate any advice that you could provide me with.

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I would not recommend a new graduate nurse to pursue any agency work for at least 2 years of full-time equivalent experience.

In agency nursing you are usually given 1-2 days of orientation and expected to be self sufficient. As a new grad you will not have the experience and sound judgement that is expected from an agency position. Not to mention that more often than not you will be given less than favorable assignments.

For example my good friend is finishing up some agency work and the last couple places have him constantly pulled to step-down to take a 4 patient assignment, meaning he has to give up his ICU patients mid-shift and go receive report and 4 new patients, lots of ways information could be missed or not passed down appropriately.


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A peer in my nursing class could not get a job when she moved across the country. She went to an agency that sent her to LTC facilities. She was told to always tell supervisors at these places that she had "two years" of nursing experience. She told me that this was not an easy way to start her nursing career. Not a good idea.

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