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Hi everyone!

I just received two job offers, both in adult ICU. One is at a private hospital, the other a public hospital. Both are offering training programs with the view of eventually pursuing post graduate studies.

Any views or opinions on which one would be good for someone entering critical care with no real experience in critical care?

thank you!

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There is no way for us to determine that for you. I suggest you make a list of pros and cons with the following items: commute, schedule, base pay, differentials, length of orientation, ratios (do they ever triple their nurses?), patient mix/demographics, etc. Did one give you a better vibe than the other? Did you ask about healthcare benefits and all of those things? Do they offer tuition reimbursement? Free parking? Uniform allowance? Is one Magnet? Is there a unit educator at both? Does charge take an assignment? There are a ton of things that can differentiate one from the other. The good news: you are in a great position because you have TWO job offers! :) Best of luck!

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You need to find out the size and acuity of the ICU. I would always lean towards a bigger hospital with higher acuity, because those are the hospitals that know how to train and give you the best opportunities to learn. Smaller ICUs tend not to be "real" ICUs and usually have a lower acuity (not such sick patients). You learn more with the former. I would personally lean more towards the public hospital.

Thank you for the kind responses!

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