Some A&P II advice


Just finished A&P II.

In many ways it was even more fascinating than A&P I. However, make sure you understand fluid balance homeostasis, electrolytes, acids/bases, and hormones before you begin (or soon after starting). If you don't, you'll be lost and needlessly so. I realized I was by midsemester. I hunkered down and read as much basic stuff on these topics I could find (we had done some of this in A&P I, but it wasn't focused on as much as it should have, or maybe I didn't realize their importance at the time :bluecry1:).

Must admit, I was intimidated by the chemistry of it all, but it was a lot simpler and understandable once I started from square one.

One book I found that is very good is "Fluids & Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy," published by Springhouse. I'm sure there are many others out there.

Here are my down and dirty notes from other sources. But, really, get a good book on the topics because they are very essential and will be for the rest of your education and career, I'm sure.

Good Luck!

Fluids and Electrolytes Notes.doc

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Thank you! I have already started studying A&P, even though I don't plan to take it until Sept. I am listening to audio lectures as well. I figure every little bit will help!

Thanks again!


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