Socks/Stockings for Dresses


So, I like to wear scrub dresses. I'm an LPN currently studying for my RN. My school provides pants and tops to wear but I have permission to buy my own scrub dresses.

Anyway, I don't have guidance on what is acceptible legwear when wearing a scrub dress.

In the advertisements for scrub dresses the women are all bare legged. I worked with an RN before that wore the longer skirts with knee-high trouser socks. It doesn't seem that knee-highs would be long enough to cover all the skin when wearing a dress.

Are pantyhose the right choice? When wearing a white dress what color is appropriate (white, sheer, skintone)?

Also, what are the preferred brands/styles?

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If I were to wear a scrub dress, I'd make sure the length covered my knees. I always taught my daughter (as well as complied with this myself) to wear skirts that covered the knee.

If your knee is covered, knee highs could keep you covered.

Traditional american business conservative policies are that you can wear flesh colored or white pantyhose with skirts, also with conservative shoes.

May I ask the reason for your modesty? Personal preference or does your religion require it? (I'm thinking Muslim or Pentacostal?)

If it's for religious reasons, rather than simply a desire to be modest and conservative, I hope that others from your religion can chime in with their thoughts.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who wear modest garb due to religious reasons!!!


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At 5'4'' the ready-to-wear nurse dresses seem to come to the top of my kneecap.

I know in school in chemistry labs we were required to make sure our leg skin was completely covered in case of spills; I wonder if it's acceptable to have occasional knee skin (during movement) showing while working in the field.

I wear the dresses as a personal preference. I'm afraid there isn't a religious resource for me.

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Maybe you could find long white shift dresses with sleeves and then alter them. I used to love long dresses!!

I've never ordered from them before. Do you shop online? I do all the time!

I have ordered from the company below before, I know they're legit.


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I'm thinking about wearing scrub dresses and skirts. Not for modesty, but because I hate pants. I've always found skirts more comfortable. Anyway, my hospital requires pantyhose with them. I wish I could wear leggings under them, but that's not allowed. I wear nude colored compression knee-highs under my pants as it is, so it wouldn't be a change. I do wonder if I would look silly when I'm reaching up an IV pole and people see they're only knee-high.