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i'm a canadian msw in social work for 10 years now. i've enjoyed social work for the most part, but i'm finding it really difficult to find a good job to settle into. and the good jobs seem to be hospital based/healthcare. i have a genuine interest in helping others and making the world a kinder place, and that's why i'm considering nursing. plus i think my msw would be a good foundation for nursing.

i like working with older people, vulnerable populations, poverty etc. and i wonder if nursing provides these opportunities too? do nurses feel they can make a difference in the lives of society's most vulnerable members?

also, i'm not one to faint at the site of blood, but i'm not going into nursing for the blood and injections. do these things get easier with time and practice? also, do nurses ever feel like they are just pushing medications?

also, does anyone have any advice on how to job shadow a nurse?

i know i've asked alot of questions, but any advice is helpful. thank you in advance!

I think you you would love psych or geri-psych. Your SW skills would be very helpful. If interested you could shadow at a local hospital on a psych unit. Also if you have a long term state run psych center you could shadow there.

Funny I am an RN and am looking to get my master as a LMHC. I love psych and enjoy the counseling part of the job.

thank you for your reply. i'm applying to nursing school for this fall. i think you're right. i recently applied for a geri-psych social work job that i didn't get, but there was a nurse there as part of the team and i thought her job was really interesting. i think having a nursing degree would add a ton of useful medical info that i think people need when working with older people who are ill. thanks for your vote of confidence!

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