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There are SO many posts here about social media, posting about work or patients.

I just wanted to write a quick post about this, why so much confusion on the topic? Honestly, no one should ever write on social media about work.....ever. I am not a nurse yet, just a student who has completed prereqs and starting school in the fall.

Even if the post seems innocent, I still believe no one should post about work. I have seen several people respond with stating that they may have posted, "had a great shift today" or something similar. That sounds fine to me.

BUT......whenever posting anything negative automatically it's a no no for me. Even though I have never had a nursing job, when I do I intend to vow never to post about work or even classes on social media. There are so many wrongs not even including the fact that HIPAA laws might be violated. Most people, when considering you for an interview, will pull up your social media accounts to browse you first, before you are even offered an interview. Some information you put there could even get you put in the "don't bother to interview" pile, such as bashing other workplaces for example. They might assume that if you bash another workplace, what will stop you from bashing them? A reputation is hard to gain, and super easy to lose. Workplaces know this, and this is why this is such a hot button issue. Many of us use this platform to vent, but I suggest another option.

Why not vent to a loved one at home? You can protect HIPAA laws by not telling your loved one pt details, and it's likely they don't care. My significant other and I vent to each other quite often about things at work, or otherwise. Not only does it provide some relief by venting, but you may feel better just by talking to someone about person....not in a place for the world to see. Plus, there seems to be a perfect community, such as AN, that will provide another outlet for you, so long as you keep your workplace and pt names and details out of the post.

This is my opinion, and I don't claim to know everything. But the answer to all of this seems very simple, keep your professional life separate from your home life as far as social media goes. In general it's not a bad idea to begin with. I used to use my drive to work as a way to get in the zone to separate whats going on at home from work, and the same on the drive home, trying to separate what happened at work from my environment at home. Just some advice to throw out there for those who may be struggling with whether or not to post an aspect about work to the social media outlets. Just don't do it.

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You're very correct. I will be graduation nursing school in one month and HIPAA is the center of everything in all of the facilities I have worked in and even in school. Its something so silly to lose your job or possibly license over! Go to work/school do your job and go home and don't talk about other peoples business! Simple.

Keep up the good work. You already have a great mind set just do not lose it! :)

Good luck!

Thank you! I can't wait for school to start this fall. I am new to this site and I have enjoyed it but I sincerely can't understand why this is an issue at all? I mean, I'm only 32 but I can remember when social media didn't exist. You CAN have a bad day at work and not have your 300 friends commenting or knowing about it or potentially getting you in trouble. You can also have dinner without everyone knowing what you ate too......

But if you have had a beautiful dinner at a nice restaurant that looks presentable and tempting by all means, post a picture of it. I just might go there and try it myself. Heck if you have a superb recipe at home I might just try that too! Just save yourself the trouble and keep the work life offline. :yes:

Good luck with your NCLEX, seems like that will be in the near future for you!

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I think yall are blowing this out of proportion. HIPPA covers confidential information. Saying, "had a bad shift, could use some cheering up", while technically negative, will get nobody in trouble. Just don't be outrageous with what you post, no need to go completely dark.

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I have a face book feed but honestly it is private and only for family and friends outside of work. I don,' list my profession or my place of employment but I also never talk about nursing issues there. Nothing good can come of it.


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Saying, "had a bad shift, could use some cheering up", while technically negative, will get nobody in trouble.

I agree that saying this once will probably not be a problem; if it becomes a regular issue, a future employer could interpret that as "he/she has negate attitude, and may have a bad effect on morale." Now that may never come back to hurt someone in their job search, but why take the chance?

Obviously you never want to run into trouble with HIPAA, but you can be 100% HIPAA compliant in your posts as still get into proverbial hot water.

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