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So worried about this pre-entrance LPN/LVN test

by shakeshaneal shakeshaneal (New) New

Good Moring fellow Avatars,

I have this exam coming in the fall of this year I am so worried about this exam. I have a few questions about the math and vocabulary? It's the Pre-entrance LPN/LVN exam has anyone taken this as of yet and passed can they please give me some insight on how to study from the book I have it already and really need to look over it as soon as possible.

I would imagine that a pre-admission exam is going to look different from school to school. How can we say what yours will look like? If you mention the school, those who are familiar with that school might be able to offer more insight.

Otherwise, I'd think that a decent grasp of English composition, basic math and sciences would serve you best.

Are you referring to a book recommended by the program?

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I have to take the TABE LEVEL A lvn entrance exam.