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So tired!!


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This is part vent, part hoping for some encouragement.

I'm back in my RN-to-BSN program this semester after taking some time off, and it's Public/Community Health practicum time. It's a TON of work!!

I have five kids, 3 of whom started back to school last week. Ages 12 down to 1. We moved to be closer to their schools (they're open enrolled outside our home district)--I'm doing most of the settling since my husband is on an overseas work trip. I'm working part-time. Two of my girls are in sports--the 7 yr old does gymnastics 9 hours a week, and the 12 yr old does swimming and cross country a combined 14 hours a week. My older son has the light schedule, as he only has a weekly piano lesson with practice at home. My 12 yr old (yes, the distance runner) was just diagnosed with asthma and has been having a tough time physically...although now that she's being treated, hopefully will feel better and won't be calling me, audibly wheezing, to come pick her up.

I know I could choose to not allow the sports, but the girls enjoy them so much and I don't want to take those opportunities from them. And my husband does help when he's around, and his mom does too (actually she's playing with the little ones right now; I'm typing this on a study break.)

So anyway, now looking at my schedule for school...I'm overwhelmed to say the least! Can anyone relate? It will all be worth it once I have my degree, right?? :bookworm: :)

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Whew, I'm exhausted just reading your duties. It does sound overwhelming.

Only YOU can choose the right battles. Myself, If I could go back in time .. the kidlets would have got most of my attention.

Can you cut back at work .. or your school schedule at all?

I see there is no time for YOU in that schedule. You are important too.

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That is a lot to take on. I would let the kids continue with their sports. It's important to them. My son is 8 and does judo. He practices about 6-10 hours a week and then we travel a lot on weekends. It's important to him and he gets so much out of it. I know I study in the dojo or at a Courtyard Marriott on the weekends. There are times when I feel burned out but just try to keep going.

I'm going to give you a bit of advice the PP did. You need time for you. I know it sounds like where am I going to fit that in, I already have so much but here is something I just learned yesterday. I'm in my 4th week of RN school. Did the prereqs for the last year, and got a divorce all together at the same time. One thing I used to love doing is making crafts and being creative. It was an outlet for me. I could get lost in a project for hours. My son was with his dad this weekend. With everything else I am balancing a new relationship. I spent the day with him Saturday and I worked around the house on Sunday. I had a very frustrating week last week between school, my basement flooding, and everything else. Thought I was going to lose my mind. Then I just decided to decorate the outside of my house for fall and do something fun for a change. I spent 3 hours on it and my wreath I had made years ago was falling apart so I decided to make a new one. It took me about an hour, but it was honestly the best hour I had spent with myself in months!!! I decorated my wreath and got it just right and hung it up. I felt so good after I was done. For one solid hour, I thought of nothing but this wreath and how I wanted it to look. I felt so renergized last night. My son came home and we spent our time together but I really felt good about things when I was done. For that hour there was no school, no judo, no one asking me for something. There was just me and the wreath and I could do whatever I wanted to it. It may sound weird but I get energy from creativity. I had almost lost that part of myself the past year or so and it was fun to rediscover it.

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Thank you both! You're right. Tonight after the little ones go to bed I think I'm going to go downstairs and soak in the hot tub (our apartment complex's hot tub...I don't own a hot tub lol). My 12 y/o stays up fairly late and will probably be doing homework anyway since she has practice for both swim and cross country today, so I can have her call my cell if one of the others wakes up. :)

Been there, done that--I'm going to see how this goes and possibly do a temporary reduction at work. I just hestitate to do it right now because we're especially short staffed, and so many of my colleagues have been picking up extra and/or working doubles. I don't do doubles since I haven't planned for them. As for school, I was off for over a year after I had my last child, and now I'm back. It's only 5 credits so should be doable...except for the practicum. That's a two credit class, and it seems like WAY more than two credits. And then the 3-credit lecture goes w/ the practicum, so kind of have to do them together. Actually I had initially registered for my final general ed class also, but dropped it as soon as I knew what I was in for.

Heather--your wreath sounds gorgeous! I love fall colors and fall decor :)