So it starts in August!!!!!

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As of August 8th i will start my lpn program. I am a 20 year old male and have been in college for 2 years and the RN program is so hard to get into i am going to take a step back and get my LPN and in a year try again for the RN or BSN program. Is there anything i should prepare myself for? I have taken anatomy, physiology, clinical microbiology, nutrution, intro to psyc, developmental psyc, and social psyc and 6 other pre-reqs. My mother has been a RN for 10 years now and my lil sis is pre med so i mean it runs in the family. But any help from you ladies and gentlemen would be great. Thanks!



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Congratulations on being accepted!

I am graduating from LPN school in 29 days!

I suggest getting a head start on learning the different types of medications. My school did not spend enough time on medications. Good Luck...

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