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So why do I feel sub-standard?

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In my county the unemployment rate has just hit 12.9%!! I am a new grad who did not apply for the internship at the local hospital but have put in a regular application with the hospital as well as application with other outlying hospitals. I put in an app with a local Rehab facility ( SNF) and got a call the next day! Interviewed and was offered the job on the spot. I took the job, but now I feel I caved and took the first job offered to me. Should I have pushed for a job in a hospital? I am very glad to have a job but feel I will be berated for taking one on a SNF and not " being able" to get one in a "real" hospital doing "real" nursing work. I hate that some of my classmates feel this way and due to that I have held back the " where" information of my job.

I don't care what other people think but, I know they can not handle me putting them in their place for making rude comments, and feel I will loose friends over it.

On another note, should I feel angry that I never got a letter or phone call to acknowledge my application, to tell me they were not interested or to simply tell me to pound sand. How hard it is to pick up the phone and say thanks but no thanks? I sent my application, a follow up letter, multiple phone calls and messages.... nothing in response. Meanwhile they ( the other hospitals) were doing interviews of new students and hiring. Why do I feel left out? Should I feel left out?

I will be the best RN I can be no matter where I work. I would like to hear from more students who took jobs in a SNF as their first job and give me some advice or insight. I am working toward my BSN so I plan on being there for at least 2 years while I take classes, maybe longer.

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I won't sugarcoat this OP, so hold your hat:

do what you need to do for you. Period. Never let anyone - particularly other people who don't have a job to speak of themselves - make you feel badly for the decisions you make to better yourself.

On that note: do you like this facility? Are they willing to work with you while you attend classes, are supportive of your interests and needs, and are giving you the opportunity, pay and work experience you need to perhaps get the job you really want in the future? Yes? 'Nuff said! Forget your classmates and what they may think of your job; the oneupmanship common throughout nursing school doesn't end with graduation unless *you* walk away. What matters is if this job is good for you.

With regards to applications: I know this is easier said than done, but with nearly a decade behind me in business, I can tell you that hiring is (usually) impersonal business. They don't owe you a phone call, letter, e-mail or any other explanation; doing so would not only make for a tremendous workload but sets them up for conflict and possible litigation with people who don't take no for an answer. Don't take the lack of response personally; it usually has very little to do with you and much more to do with a search for the person who has the predetermined skill set and background for the job available. They already know, somewhat, 'who' they are looking for and discard or ignore any mismatches.

Further to same, you have no way of knowing how many of those 'open' positions actually are budgeted for and ready to fill. Hospitals are known to leave up old postings for weeks, months, even years; truth being, of course, is that they have not allocated for the actual position to be filled. In this economy, all types of facilities are cutting back and more carefully considering their bang for the buck before hiring. Don't count out that you may get a call weeks or even many months after putting in an (ignored) application.

As for feeling left out, I understand why you might feel that way...but you do have a job in hand! That is much more than many folks have right now, even if they try to make you feel badly in order to feel better about their own situation. Personally, I disconnected from my nursing class at graduation and only stay in touch with two people I was actually friends with during the program. I had enough of the gossip and chatter during school and have no need for it nowadays. People can only drag you into their nonsense if you participate, you know?

Be happy for you - you have a job and have the chance to work and learn!

Best of luck. :twocents:


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