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SO hard to get back in the GROOVE !


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so i start classes for ob, in about 10 days. :D:yeah::clown:i bought my books and is now getting a head start on the readings. however, its so hard to get back in reading and studying mode.:zzzzz last semester i was fired up and ready to go, now i'm reading slower than ever, and its so hard to concentrate. :banghead:

how much time is it going to take for me to get back in study mode ? i need to get a grip and buckle down. i guess my first step is to turn off my computer, so that i won't be tempted to stay on allnurses all day. :typingi'm just so addicted to this site, but reading needs to be my priority right now. :)

tell me how you got back in study mode, after such a long winter break ? :yawn:

Give yourself little rewards: "I can go on allnurses.com for 20 minutes after I read for two hours, diligently." (No mind wandering!)

Tough love: when I started to become distracted with my reading, say by the second paragraph, I made myself a mental list of allllllll the things I'd lose if I didn't do well on this next test:

1) I might flunk the class, so:

2) I'd have to stop nursing school, so:

3) I'd be stuck with no other immediate career option, so:

4) I'd have to pay back all that financial aid, FOR NOTHING, so:

5) We'd be broke, and:

6) I'd be humiliated when everyone found out that I failed, and:

7) My kids would be humiliated, and:

8) Probably my husband, too and:

9) I'd officially be the biggest.loser.ever.

Along about #3 or so, I'd hit the books again. Worked for me, many times. (Sometimes I even wrote them down, so they'd be staring me cold in the face.)

Good luck to you. These blocks only last a week or so. The more you try and make yourself study, the sooner it will be over, so force yourself to buckle down. That OB material can sneak up on you with its difficulty, and OB instructors lurve to confuse you with all those stages in their test questions, so head down, my friend. You can do it. You know how to do this.

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Thanks soooo much ! I will take your advise all the way. I just finished one chapter, so I'm on my way to the next. After that, I'll reward myself c- all nurses, and maybe a email to my BF.

I have my mothers nursing pinning program, right by my books, so if I get lazy I'll just have to remember that I'll have no pinning ceremony if I don't read.


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I have less than a month until we resume classes for the spring semester and it's extremely difficult for me to force myself to read ahead. I think I'll be borrowing MySimplePlan's mental list to get me through these next few weeks. :p


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I'm just getting over the first-week block. I find what it takes is one good day when I really focus on getting momentum. Another more suggestion: if you're done for the day and watching some TV, turn it off and go to be earlier rather than watching a sitcom for another half hour. You'll be SO happy you did the next day.

Tell me about it.. our break for winter was over a month long.. I was busy with other things.. but still had assigned readings to do.. I started them a week before class.. with no ambition..at all... i just want it to be over.. I'm burnt out..BUT.. one big motivator is.. for me.. I had 2 interviews over break.. so the humilliation of having to turn down a job because i got lazy at the end, and didn't pass, is far to much for me to handle.. so we are 2 weeks and 2 exams in..get yourself off to a good start...it helped me. I have missed 2 points... so for the next 13 weeks or so.. I have decided that i will devote my time to school..100% well 90%. be headstrong...and depending on where you are.. the weather is horrid.. who wants to go out in this crap.. stay in a read.. you'll have plenty of time to all nurse.. when you are a nurse...good luck with the ob .. it was challenging.. but do- able. and mysimpleplan is right on target... none of us want to feel like a giant loser..

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OMG, I feel the same way!!!!! It's sooo hard getting back in the swing of things :bluecry1:

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