So Frustrated I wanna cry


So I worked so hard to get my LPN license and It was South Carolina cause that is where i went to school. Well I live in Georgia and thought I could just fill out application and pay some money and have my GA license, turns out, they want me to work as an LPN for 500 hours in South Carolina. I havent gotten my license yet so I have never worked as an lpn. Not sure what to do now. I will be calling them Tues, but omg what if I cant get my Ga license now, I dont have the gas money to be travelling almost a hour to work in South Carolina. It also said that if I didnt have 500 hours I may have to take a refresher course in Ga.. Wth is that.. How much more money and more time do I have to wait. I was so happy for finally call myself a nurse and waiting for my License, just to now be dissapointed and wanting to cry.. adivce? encouragement please.. someone make me feel better

I'm sorry that you're in this situation. You should still be proud to call yourself a nurse. If I were you I would just get a SC job and start working to get that experience. Maybe that LPN paycheck will pay for more gas than you think. I wish you the best!


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Thank you. Yes I am going to have to get a job in Carolina, but I havent looked for a job in 8 years so not really sure how to do it lol.. But I am still a Nurse and that means more then anything right now, just hate setbacks.. but hopefully if I send in my application, explain that I took the lpn route cause I failed my very very last RN class they will accept the hours I put it.. We will see.


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You gotta do what you gotta do. Better than being denied the license altogether for some reason.