So, we're covering 15 chapters worth of info. for test #1...

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how's the best way to study? In my pre-nursing classes, I would type my notes and study from those. I estimate that if i type all my notes from Nursing, I'll have about 16 pages worth of info. to retain. Do any experienced nursing students have any sage words of advice on how to study for a large amount of material? I'd greatly appreciate it. My test is on Monday. So far, I've been making flash cards and I just decided to bite the bullet and type up the major points....but I'm only 2 pages in so far...

I think next time, I will study each chapter as we're assigned them. I have been studying them somewhat as we go, just not typing up summaries of my notes as I go. Next test, I think I will be doing this as we cover the material....I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom, so I don't have the luxery of lots of down-time/study time. I am a hard worker, though, and have done vrey well on the two quizzes I've taken so far.

So, anyway, I'd still love to hear any advice on my current situation, though, given what it is now! :)

Our first test is on 32 chapters and Im terrified!! I am also a full time mom of two, so I know how ya feel! I have been making outlines and it is VERY time consuming but it has really helped. I also make photocopies of important pictures or charts in the text books and put them right in my binder. I have made spread sheet as well for things like what size needles to use for what type of injections.I do NCLEX questions about the material wherever I can find them. I also go on where you can make your own flashcard or look at someone elses. I havent taken my test yet so i dont know if any of this helps but its some ideas atleast! Good luck!

I have to write everything down. I read everything, too. And I draw pictures of concepts and "teach" them to my family. That's how I learn best.

You have to find the most effective and efficient way for you. You got this far, so I'm pretty sure you will find a way to pass this test.

Part of what you have to do is to figure out what your teacher is going to focus on. There is NO WAY s/he is going to test you on all of that info. One of the best things you can do as a nursing student is to identify what's important and what's not. Don't spend your time memorizing wierd random facts that you will probably not need to know. At my school the teachers focus on nursing implications, safety, and patient teaching. The problems are never just straight point and shoot. They are all critical thinking r/t concepts you learned. My advise is to understand concepts. Understand processes.

Our first test was over 17 chapters, and two days later we had our first check-off! I studied as we went and then crammed for the weekend before. It was insane! The second test is over 13 chapters, and yes, another check-off will be held that week.

Our instructors keep telling us that you have to work for treasure. (They refer to an RN as a "golden ticket.")

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