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:confused:I am going to attempt to describe my situation with as little confusion as possible. I would greatly appreciate anyones advice. After obtaining my associates degree a little over a year ago, I was struggling to hold down a stable job. Here I was with an associates, making $30-50 a night delivering pizza. I was so frustrated and enraged I had to look elsewhere. I have family in nursing and was encouraged to take it up. I have always like to help people and decided to give it a shot.

I have since become a licensed CNA and finished all of my nursing pre reqs. I have two options. I can apply for the LPN program in a week or wait until may to apply for the RN program. After speaking with a counselor, it sounds to me like I have a good chance of getting into the LPN program. I can apply for this program on Oct. 1 and probably test for licensure by the end of 2011. However, after working in LTC for six months as an aide, I am not so sure I can spend any more time there. I am well aware that LPN's are a rare find in hospitals these days, which is my ultimate goal. Which brings up my next option, waiting until May of '11 to apply for the RN program. The issue is the college admits applicants to their RN program based on a point system. Applicants are judged based on two major criteria, GPA at their "most recent institution attended," and college credits at the, "most recent institution attended." As I said, I am enrolled in my first course at this school. Unfortunately, in the process of determining I was not going to be an accountant at my last college, I earned some marks that were well below averaging, dragging my GPA to a lowely 2.5. This in my mind is severly going to hinder my chances of being admitted to either program. My dream as weird as this sounds is to work at a jail or max. security prison as a nurse. Can I work there as an LPN, or should I ace my class this fall, get letters of recommendation, and write a letter myself stressing my passion to do this job and cross my fingers. Advice, ANYONEEEE!!:confused::confused::confused:

RN programs are very competitive and so are LPN programs but I think you have a better chance at getting accepted because you are already a CNA. I'd say to just apply to the LPN program and see if you get accepted and if you don't then apply to the RN program in May, you never know. I know some people that have been accepted and they had previous F's and D's and even had to retake a few prerequisites. Also, keep in mind that you can always do the LPN to RN bridge, which I think only takes a year or a year and a half (it depends on the program at your college). It can't hurt to apply, if you don't make it there is always other semesters.

As far as knowing about LPNs working at a prison you would have to check with the state you live in, just call and ask, or try to find info online about it.

Good luck with whatever you choose, and don't ever give up!

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First off your goal working in prison is not weird. I think RN will serve you better over the distance of your career. I can't advise what your possibilities are with either program but I think you should apply to both. If you get accepted to the LPN program I think most programs will let you defer entering. So, you could defer LPN until you hear from RN. If you don't get into RN then you can enter LPN. This will set you back time-wise but give you the most options. Passion for the career will help at interviews but your grades may be an issue. I'm not sure what you can do about that except maybe repeat a particularly grievous class. You could find some online classes that you must ace (!) and get them in before May. If you are serious about this, forget "if" and focus on "how". Good luck!

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I would imagine the state you live in would dictate whether LPNs were getting hired or not. In NJ very few acute facilities hire LPNs; if your ideas for work include critical care or specials. It will not happen!

LPN stand alone programs cost big bucks, with little return. I would continue working as a CNA and get your Associates. Your GPA at the old college DOES NOT affect your current school's gpa. Keep those numbers good.

While I am sure many will not agree with me, I truly believe nursing will have an entry level and it will not be LPN but an Associate's degree. At some point, you will find that even those nurses will not have the ability to move into the systems and may be confined to sub acute facilities.

We are hiring new grads, but they are all BSNs-our LPNs that were with the system were given the choice to be laid off or become "techs" I believe employers will pay the same for more education, and they will get it! Why? Because there is no nursing shortage! And, there are a ton of new nurses with higher degrees which the facility will not have to pay to get!

As a former business manager, I can tell you if I can buy the perceived "whole" package for the same price as the less educated, with the bonus that I will not have to pay for future schooling for a Bachelor's-that is a bargain!


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