So asking for a friend….

by Rn12345678910 Rn12345678910 (New) New Nurse

So has anyone ever been reported to the SBON and enrolled into a recovery program which they were completely non-compliant with and were dismissed from after less an a month for not completing one test for obvious reasons and your case was referred to the SBONs legal department for investigation into your case, spoke to an investigator months later anticipating they will re-enroll you into said recovery program per protocol……and….7 years went by and you literally got another RN job in a non-bedside roll anticipating the requirements of the programs because you knew when you had to go back you would have to work PRN around narcotics again to meet the requirements of the program….you renewed your license twice…and never heard from them again? Like 7 years has gone by and other cases and been seen and dismissed…just wondering….asking for a friend