So annoyed with no call backs.

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So I interviewed for my dream job exactly two weeks ago. I asked if I should expect to hear something in the next few weeks. One of the managers said girl we don't have a few weeks, we need to make the decision like today!! They went on to explain how they were so understaffed and wanted to be done by the end of the week. Well that was two weeks ago. I left the manager a message a week ago with no call back. I called the nurse recruiter and she hasn't heard anything. I know two other girls who interviewed (there were multiple open positions) and they haven't heard anything either. What the hell??

I know how you feel, it's very frustrating when they don't have the courtesy to return your call when you are following up on an interview.

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I is very frustrating. I believe that if you gave them the time to come in and interview then they should at least give you the courtesy of a call to let you know their decision. If it were me and it had been a week since I called and left the manager I message, I would call again. Or if you have their email address, then email them. Maybe they check their email more often than their phone messages. Either way, the next message I would leave would include telling them that you were really thankful for the interview and very excited about the job and you would like to know when you would be contacted about a decision. If this is your dream job then I would continue to pursue it because it shows your continued interest in the position and you may end up getting the offer.

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Girl I feel your pain!

I have an acquaintance who is a midwife at a local hospital, and she offered to speak to the manager of the womens floor about a job for me. The manager gave me her info and told me to email her at the middle of June (close to my graduation) and we will discuss holding a position for me. Well I emailed her 2 days ago and she still hasn't emailed me back! I know she is probably very busy but Im so worried she is gonna forget about me and Im so anxious as to why she hasn't emailed me back yet! I can feel my dream slipping I hope you get a call back soon, and if I were you I'd call again, or maybe email. Good luck!:hug:

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Things move slow in a hospital. I, too, have been through this multiple times (now on my 3rd job). Just be patient. Don't be annoying. I think I would avoid nagging the manager and call the nurse recruiter.

For my current job, when I interviewed I was told I was the last interview of 9 ppl for 3 spots and they would know who they were hiring right away and that a recruiter would contact me within 24 hours. Well guess what? 2 days and a weekend later, I got the offer Monday afternoon. People are busy and information moves slowly. Even if nurse recruiters have the answer from managers they have to get all their "ducks in a row" possibly including a background check and reference check (managers don't always do that stuff!) before giving you an answer. In the meantime, apply for other jobs. Once you start focusing on others, you'll probably get the call. :)

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