I am our SNA chapters new President. We always sell shirts and hoodies and such in the fall. We have quite a few guys in our schools nursing program. We have the options for the saying on the back, but I am having trouble with a symbol that is gender friendly for the front. Our School is Marshall University and last year we had a big M with a nursing cap on top of it and "Marshall University School of Nursing" underneath. I liked it a lot but none of the guys bought shirts. I want them to feel like they can wear the shirts too. Any suggestions?


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there is a male nursing student forum. maybe try there, they may give you some pointers on what they would wear. Can't help you myself seeing as I have never been a guy hehe :D

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You know now that you bring it up, none of the guys bought our shirts either, they were not girly at all either and really clever shirts. Maybe if you put a bottle of beer and a busty nurse on it they will buy them ;) LOL Just kidding. It might just be men aren't into that stuff as much. I don't know. If you want me to move this to the Male student nursing forum to elicit more replies let me know.