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Slowing COVID Outbreaks in Detention

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A federal judge in California on Monday ordered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to "identify and track" every person in ICE detention at an elevated risk of complications from COVID-19 and to consider releasing those detainees, regardless of their legal status.

Risk factors identified by the court include pregnant women, people older than 55 and those with chronic health conditions.

In his opinion, U.S. District Judge Jesus Bernal wrote that ICE has "likely exhibited callous indifference to the safety and wellbeing of [detained immigrants at risk.] The evidence suggests systemwide inaction that goes beyond a mere 'difference of medical opinion or negligence.' "

The preliminary injunction orders ICE to "identify and track" detainees with risk factors within 10 days, or within five days of being placed in custody. The judge ordered the agency to implement increased precautions to protect against infection in line with CDC standards, and to consider release of high-risk detainees.

Tracking the immigrants and refugees has been an ongoing problem for this administration (especially kids) even before COVID. The USA can do this. 

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