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I am taking my written and skills test next week and I think I'm gonna do just fine on the written portion but I am soooo nervous about the skills test.....can anyone that has taken the skills test tell me what to expect... and also what types of skills are the most common ones? thanks!

fuzzywuzzy, CNA

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Usually you get 5 skills. One is handwashing, one is a measuring skill (vitals, weights), and the other 3 are random stuff skills like giving a bedpan, ROM on one arm or leg, denture care, or transfers.


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Exactly what fuzzywuzzy said. I got handwashing, vitals (manual BP, pulse, respirations, auto oral thermometer), bed bath, oral care, and back massage.

Remember to state when you would do handwashing (since they don't make you redo it after your initial handwashing checkoff to save time) and state that you would provide privacy and remember to "knock" and announce yourself every time you enter the "room" even if there isn't a real door in the test area. And if you realize you forgot a step, make sure you let your evaluator know! If you haven't finished the skill yet, saying "oops, I forgot before I started Step X that I should have done Step Y!" is just as good as remembering to do it orginally.


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My first time out I failed my skills test - I got the dreaded fluid intake skill - and felt pretty awful about it. But! It allowed me a chance to study up on skills and to retake the skills test with more confidence since I knew better what to expect.

Good luck!


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Pretty much what juliaann said is it.They will walk you thru the room and show you where everything is.(closet has linens)The examiner had my tray out to feed a person,or whatever skills you will do they may have the sphygmomanometer out for BP. Again make sure you knock on the door,you'll be inside with the door shut so you'll simulate by knocking on the door,make sure you pull that curtain as well. You'll do 5 skills and handwashing THE FIRST SKILL before moving on to the next skill,like they said in class they won't tell you to wash your hands you should already know to do that.You can redo a movement if you forget,but you must tell the examiner that you are doing that.